Everything You Need To Know About Spam Update for November 2021

Google has confirmed that it has begun rolling out the “Spam” update as of November. The “Spam” update, like the major updates Google launches, is designed to improve the quality of search results by weeding out sites that algorithms consider spam. That is, if you google Bizzo Casino, after these updates the likelihood of finding an irrelevant site that is of no use is almost none.

The update will take a week, and it is possible that some sites may detect fluctuations in the ranking during and after the deployment of this new algorithm update.

What Do We Know About This Update

Everything You Need To Know About Spam Update for November 2021, Sites that are engaged in White Hat SEO should not worry too much, since this update can do more good than harm. However, sites that engage in SEO practices that Google considers spam may face a drop in rankings.

Google’s announcement on Twitter reads: “Within our regular work improvement, we have issued an update for our systems. This update from November 2021 should be fully deployed during the week. We call on sites to follow our best practices for search.”

The company said on Twitter that Google’s anti-spam update has completed its rollout in search results around the world.

No one has provided specific details about the updates, though Google has been releasing more and more anti-spam updates on a regular basis to improve the quality of its search results.

Three anti-spam updates have been released this year. The fourth update of Google’s algorithm is the last update aimed at combating spam in this calendar year.

What Do These Updates Do?

  • Automated systems keep over 99% of visits from spam from search results
  • To avoid getting hit by the anti-spam cleanup, it is advisable for the site to follow Google’s recommendations for webmasters.

Google has a strict determination that it considers spam to which the low-quality sites are primarily related to deception to provide personal information or establish malware.

Other types of spam include phishing scams and sites that are masking for other authoritative sites.

Although low-quality content may correspond to the definition of spam, which gives some people, it does not match the definition of Google.

“Spam”, As Described in Google’s Manual, Usually Has Evil Intent

At the same time, even sites that follow Google recommendations may be guilty of spam and not even suspect.

If the site is not properly protected, it is susceptible to hacking, which can lead to spam email and/or malware users.

Whether it’s hacked spam or intentional spam, for Google, this is the same when it comes to updating spam.

Another approach does not apply to hacked sites, since the responsibility for security lies on the site owner.

Google annually publishes a spam control report, in which it is clearly seen that the number of cases of hacked spam continues to grow.

If your site suddenly fell in the ranking after updating the spam report this month, check the safety of your site and look for signs of a possible attack.

We will surely find out more about the impact of spam renewal from November 2021, when Google will publish its annual spam control report next year.

What Is Considered Search Spam?

Everything You Need To Know About Spam Update for November 2021, Webspam is considered to be all kinds of techniques to deceive the search engine and users for the purpose of monetization, or theft of personal data with their further monetization.

These include:

  • Creation of phishing and other fraudulent sites
  • Installing viruses
  • Doorways and cloaking, questionable redirects
  • Auto-generated content with an excess of keywords
  • Hidden Text
  • Selling links
  • Annoying Ad Blocks
  • Abuse of micro-markup
  • Participation in link exchange schemes
  • Publishing copied content

This Has All Been Stopped Before, What Has Changed?

Search engines, indeed, have been struggling with webspam for many years. But at the moment, artificial intelligence and machine learning have developed a lot, which helps to detect spam more effectively. Plus, anti-spam algorithms have been implemented in various stages of the search. Google uses an “intelligent anti-spam mechanism”.

First, Google classifiers detect spam at the crawling stage and most of them are not allowed in the index. This applies both to those pages that have become known through links. And those that have become known from the Sitemap or Google Search Console.

The second echelon of antispam works with indexed pages and, in the case of automatic spam detection, does not allow it to appear in the top search results. AI is used here and filters 99% of spam.

The remaining spam can be filtered at the third stage manually. With the help of specially trained assessors (so-called manual sanctions).

What Is This Update: Reference Spam or Content Spam?

The first update of Google algorithms in November 2021 occurred on November 3 – the update of the Google Spam algorithm, which caused significant fluctuations in the search results and conversations in the SEO community. From what we can see, the branches that most suffered from the update of the algorithm on November 3 at this stage were news, games, sports, gaming, and art and entertainment.

Google has not confirmed whether the latest update is directed against the content or reference spam. As usual, Google has provided a link to its webmaster’s guide, which describes the best methods of optimizing the site to search.

For the first time, we noticed changes in Google search rankings in the morning of November 3: SEMRUSH sensor confirmed that there was a significant update, and the average oscillation value in the industry was 6.7 / 10. Given how rarely Google announces the updates of the search ranking algorithm. It is not surprising that third-party tools confirmed fluctuations in various industries.

We will receive a clearer picture next week when we start tracking trends. Find out which sites were affected by the latest update.

What Does the November Spam Update Mean for My Site?

If your site has suffered, the best advice that we can give is to wait until the update is over. Often, the changes and the SERP movement will be most noticeable in the first few days. So it is important to see what everything is over before making any major changes.

If you have noticed significant changes in the traffic to your site. You may have influenced the update of spam from November 2021. As always, updates associated with spam are designed to cut down low-quality sites that violate Google’s recommendations for best practices.