The Best Site to Convert JPG to PDF: When it comes to files, it is easy to convert them to PDF because conversion tools for such file formats are available anywhere, both offline and online. However it is not always the case with image files like JPG.

If you are looking for a JPG to PDF converter to organize the catalog of your image library, you are in the right place. There is a conversion site called GogoPDF that provides a wide selection of PDF-related tools, offering services such as file conversion, repair, optimization, organization, e-signing, security, and PDF viewing and editing. They also accept other image file formats such as images in GIF, BMP, TIFF, and PNG formats. Now you know where to convert your JPG and image files, what are you waiting for? Visit GogoPDF’s website and check it out for yourself why it is a great site for PDF conversion! Stick around as we guide you with a step-by-step guide to convert JPG to PDF.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Convert JPG to PDF

1. Upload Your JPG File

Upon landing on the GogoPDF’s website, you will be welcomed with an array of various tools and services related to PDF on its official homepage. Look for the JPG to PDF tool, then click it to be directed to its tool page, where the conversion process will take place.

On the JPG to PDF tool page, this is where you will convert your JPG files to PDF. You will see a workspace located at the center of the page. This is where we will do all the conversion work. To start, you will need to upload your JPG file to the server. Simply click the Select Files button, and a window of your device’s file library will pop out. From there, select and hold the image file you intend to upload and convert to JPG. Once done, proceed by clicking Open, and your image file will be uploaded to the server immediately.

For desktop or laptop users, another user-friendly and convenient method is to select and hold the image file and drag it toward the workspace with your mouse, then drop it. It will also be instantly loaded to the server.

As of this time, you can only upload and convert one JPG to PDF at a time. However, GogoPDF will soon launch a new feature where you can upload multiple image files and convert them to PDF. So you should watch out for that.

2. Customize Your JPG-PDF File

When your JPG file is loaded and processed by the server, you will be directed to the next section of the tool page, where you can customize how you want your JPG to be extracted when converted into PDF.

At the bottom part of the workspace, you will be shown a preview of your JPG file if it is in PDF file form. You can go through the Options available for customization and adjustment in the Options tab button. You will find a View settings, where you can adjust the view of the workspace; Select settings; Orientation settings, where you can choose whether you want the file to be in portrait or landscape form; the Paper Type settings; where you select the paper size of the PDF, it can be in auto-size, A4 size, Letter size, or Fit to Image option; Margin settings, where you can adjust the margins of the PDF file; and lastly, a Print option, where you can directly print the PDF file through GogoPDF after customizing your soon-PDF file.

Once you are done and satisfied with the presentation of your image file as a PDF document, proceed by clicking the Create PDF Now button positioned at the top right of the workspace. From here, GogoPDF will apply the settings and adjustments you made, convert, and produce the PDF file accordingly.

3. Wait For The Conversion to be Complete

In this step, all you need to do is sit back and relax while the site does all the conversion work for you. Here, GogoPDF will begin converting your file, following the modifications and customizations you made in the previous section. The waiting time would usually take a few seconds to a minute. It mainly depends on the file size of the image file or the number of modifications made for the PDF. Nonetheless, GogoPDF works quickly, and your PDF file will be up and ready in a flash. Plus, they make sure that the quality of your image and the PDF will not be compromised, thus giving the best quality service!

GogoPDF will update you with the status of the conversion with a percentage progress bar. So you can keep track of the conversion and waiting period. Once the conversion process is done, you will be sent to the last section of the tool page for the final step!

4.  Download the PDF file

Now we are down to the last and final step of this JPG to PDF conversion process, and that is where we can download and share our newly converted PDF file at last! And with GogoPDF, they do not only make the conversion process fast, easy, and convenient, but they also give you the best service when it comes to file-sharing.

To save the PDf file to your device, click the Download button. Your internet browser will automatically download your file, and you can find it in the Downloads folder of your device.

As for the file-sharing, GogoPDF generates a shareable link that you can copy, then send to your desired recipients. With the link, your recipients will only have to click it, and they will have access to view and download the file to their device. Amazing, right? You can also share and send the PDF file through email with GogoPDF. Just click the Mail button and enter the information asked, such as your email address and your recipients’. You can even add a personal message along with the link and file.

Note that the link will only be available for sharing and download until the next 14 days. After the given period, the link will become invalid, and the file will be removed from GogoPDF’s servers.


Today, even JPG files can be converted to PDF files! And you can convert them conveniently and quickly with a reliable site like GogoPDF! They always have the best PDF-related tools and services. So if you are dealing with PDF files, you know where to come back to, alright? Share this conversion experience with your friends and workmates too! They might also find this site very helpful.