How Video Marketing Can Help Startup and Small Business Scale Their Business

Video marketing has become a trend among small businesses and startups. According to Hubspot, 86% of businesses are investing in video marketing as a part of their marketing plan. With the help of video marketing, you can easily convert viewers and target audiences into qualified leads or consumers.

If you are still hesitant and unsure of the scope of video marketing for small businesses and startup growth, then this article will help you gain more clarity. Here are 10 ways video marketing can help you grow your small business or startup.

Increase Brand Awareness

Video has been considered the top source of entertainment, but in recent times, video marketing has become a good tool to spread brand awareness while engaging with the target audience. You can use videos to engage and connect with your audience.

According to video marketing statistics, companies that actively used incorporated video marketing can increase brand awareness by 52%. This can merely be done by showing unfiltered and raw videos about your company to educate your audience with the aim and mission of your brand.

Boosts Search Engine Rankings

According to Hubspot, you can increase your organic traffic in search engine results by 157% through video marketing. According to Forrester Research, you are 50 times more likely to get organic page ranks on Google when you include a video instead of just using plain text.

As a business owner, you must know that videos are powerful tools to include in your SEO strategy, especially if you are struggling to get ranked on Google. Most people won’t scroll to the bottom of a search results page; they just click on the links that are ranked on the top. Google prefers YouTube videos. If you want your target audience to notice your business, stay on your website and decrease the bounce rate on your website.

ing communication with your target audience and engaging with them. You can turn your target audience into potential clients with the help of video marketing. People are visual beings and they understand things much easier in visual form.

It is no surprise that people will prefer a video over black text on a white screen. Once your video content resonates with them, it is psychologically difficult for your target audience to stop viewing the video. Moreover, videos are a good way to evoke emotions in your viewers. Adding an introduction, plot, storyline and conclusion to your video will give you added advantage and also humanize your business and brand.

Videos are Educational and Informational

It can be very difficult to catch your target audience’s attention, especially if your content is not relevant. You can use an instructional and informational tone in your video to teach and educate your audience about your brand’s products and services. You can also include information about the field your business specializes in. This will make your company look professional and experienced and increase trust among your target audience and potential customers.

How Video Marketing Can Help Startup and Small Business Scale Their Business. Make sure that your videos are high-quality but of a short duration; you wouldn’t want to bore your viewers and increase bounce rate with long-duration videos. This will also help in increasing traffic to your website. You can entertain and educate your audience at the same time by incorporating video marketing as a part of your marketing strategy.

Videos Increase Dwell Time

As a smart business owner, you should know that search engines like Google keep track of how long people are staying on your site once they visit it. You can have a large number of people visiting your website, but it will be of no use if they spend only seconds on your website. An increased bounce rate means that your content is not relevant and is not giving people the answers they seek.

By adding video, you are increasing the duration a person stays on your website after his arrival. According to Comscore, viewers will stay 2 minutes longer if your page has a video. People are more likely to watch a video than to read long paragraphs of text. You can rely on video to increase dwell time on your page and decrease bounce rate. Hence, search engine crawlers will notice this change and rank your website on SERPs.

Increases Engagement with Mobile users

More and more people are now moving to use mobile phones rather than PCs. With mobile phones, people can watch videos on the go. You must optimize your video and make sure that it is mobile-friendly. Mobile video is growing, and to build business growth you must target mobile users. Mobile optimized videos also generate better relationships with the target audience and increase website traffic. And also How Video Marketing Can Help Startup and Small Business Scale Their Business.

Increased Social Shares

Social media platforms have become popular among video marketers. You are not only posting videos on social media channels but also inviting people to like, leave a comment and share your video. If your video content resonates with the viewers, then it is highly likely that people will share your video. According to Wyzowl, 76% of users claim that they should share a branded video with their peers if it was entertaining and humorous. So, make sure that your videos are fun and engaging to increase traffic to your site.

Builds Customer Trust and Confidence

In order to invest in your brand, your audience should have confidence in your company. How can you build confidence in your target audience? By incorporating videos. Video is an important asset for your brand to build trust and good relationships with your consumers.

You can do Q&A videos and post videos of behind the scenes of your brand. This helps humanize your brand, gives consumers insights into how things work behind the scenes. Videos also help add personality to your brand and showcase your brand culture, and this can make your brand look more authentic, reliable and trustworthy in front of your target audience. Moreover, if your consumers are satisfied with your brand, they might even recommend it to others and advertise your brand through word of mouth.

Fits in any Marketing Campaign

Videos are flexible and can fit in with any marketing campaign, specifically email marketing campaigns. You can include videos in your emails. For example, you have just launched a new product and want to educate your users on how to use it. You can include a how-to video when you are sending your consumers an email about the product launch.

Video marketing is an effective way of ensuring business growth. It is cost-effective and you do not need much equipment or tools to shoot videos. You can use your phone and any online video editor to curate interesting videos in minutes.

If you are yet to explore the world of video marketing, now is the perfect time to do it. Videos will bring you closer to your audience and build deeper connections with your consumers. The world of business is changing rapidly and video marketing is becoming a necessity. Make sure that you consider all the above reasons and invest in video marketing today.