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John Cook and Todd Bishop, the founders of GeekWire, were former technology reporters at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and the Puget Sound Business Journal. Bishop and Cook joined the Puget Sound Business Journal in September 2008 to launch TechFlash before leaving to launch GeekWire on March 7, 2011. GeekWire is frequently featured on the Techmeme leaderboard as one of the sources that

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In-depth Amazon coverage from Seattle includes e-commerce, AWS, Amazon Prime, Alexa, logistics, devices, and more.

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Without Amazon Web Services, Amazon would have suffered a $1.8 billion operating loss in the fourth quarter of 2021.

AWS’s operating income of $5.3 billion is included in the total. When those cloud operating profits are subtracted from the whole, the rest of Amazon effectively posted an operating loss of $1.8 billion.

The figures demonstrate once again what a financial behemoth AWS has become. AWS’s total revenue was $17.8 billion, a 40% increase. The AWS operating profit of $5.3 billion was up 49% from the same quarter last year.

Amazon’s chief financial officer, Brian Olsavsky, told analysts that the AWS growth was due to various factors, including increased demand.

Amazon Employees

We are looking for top talent from all industries and backgrounds for our offices and operations centres worldwide. The people who succeed at Amazon have one thing in common – they are customer-centric leaders and innovators.

Amazon Employees

Investment in our employees

  • Nothing is extra essential to us than the protection of our employees.
  • Innovative employees
  • Inventing on behalf of customers and communities

Employees’ benefits

Along with an average starting salary of $18 per hour, we offer comprehensive, highly competitive benefits that start on day one.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

We are a company of builders who bring diverse backgrounds, ideas and perspectives to inventing on behalf of our customers. Our diverse perspectives come from many sources, including gender, race, age, nationality, sexual orientation, culture, education, and professional and life experiences. We are loyal to promoting diversity and inclusion and are always looking for ways to expand our impact as we grow.

Our commitment to upskilling

We want to make it informal for people to access the skills they need to grow their careers. And we’re making two significant investments to get there by 2025. First, we’re devoting more than $1.2 billion to providing free education and skills training to more than 300,000 employees in the U.S. to help them secure new, high-growth jobs. We’re also investing hundreds of millions of dollars in free cloud computing skills training for 29 million people worldwide with programs for the public.

What’s happened to Amazon

Amazon is an online store that sells both physical and digital goods. Amazon is also developing the Kindle, which is available as an e-book reader and a tablet. Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing service provider.

What's happened to Amazon

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer and a leading provider of cloud services. It originally sold books but expanded to sell a wide range of consumer goods, digital media, and custom electronic devices.

Amazon Website Status History server report and response time

The above graph shows service status activity for over the last 10 automatic checks. If no bar remains displayed for a specific time, the service is down, and the site is offline.

Service Status History

Date      Time      Ping Time                           Date      Time      Ping Time

  1. Jan.2023 16:29 15.72 ms.                           23. Jan.2023       18:33     8.78 ms.
  2. Jan.2023 00:53 16.24 ms.                           24. Jan.2023       02:55     12.35 ms.
  3. Jan.2023 05:04 10.23 ms.                           24. Jan.2023       07:21     11.97 ms.
  4. Jan.2023 09:45 13.62 ms.                           24. Jan.2023       11:56     11.14 ms.

* Times displayed are PT, Pacific Time (UTC/GMT 0)  |  Current server time is 13:05

We have tried pinging the Amazon website using our server, and the website returned the above results. Probably the server stays overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem, outage, or website maintenance in progress.



Amazon’s senior management team, or S Team for short, sets goals and strategy, shapes company culture, and resolves crises. It expanded in late 2019 and now includes 22 people, including Jeff Bezos, though not all of them report to Amazon’s founder and CEO. Click on the attributes below to sort Team S members by age, tenure at Amazon (the average for the group is just under 16 years), and gender, and display additional biographical information such as title and education. Undergraduate universities and majors are listed, followed by graduate institutions and other degrees.

Amazon CEO adds 4 ‘S-team’ members, including VP of diversity, after losing key executives.

That number dropped to 23 thanks to significant C-suite and Amazon Web Services departures. With the impending release of Jeff Blackburn, another long-time manager, the S-team appeared to be down to 22.

But now vice presidents Steve Boom, Candi Castleberry, Udit Madan and Rob Williams will join the roster, Jassy told employees in an internal memo.

Geekwire Amazon

Amazon Go is finally launched: The sensor-filled store opens to the public on Monday, with no queues at the checkout.

The company says the tracking is accurate enough to distinguish between multiple people standing next to each other at a shelf and see which one took a yoghurt or cupcake, for example, and which one was browsing. The system also knows when people pick up items and put them back, ensuring Amazon doesn’t add milk or fries to someone’s bill when they want to read the label.


The goal is to “push the boundaries of computer vision and machine learning” and create an “effortless customer experience,” Dilip Kumar, Amazon Go’s vice president of technology, told GeekWire after walking through the store last week. Let me know your feedback.

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