Virtual mailboxes, digital or cloud-based mailboxes, allow individuals to receive their email from anywhere with an internet connection. However, there are other benefits as well. For example, people can track and organize their mail with a virtual mailing address with an Internet-connected device.

Individuals can receive letters, packages, and other postal correspondence at a remote address. While most PO boxes are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, hours may vary depending on the location of the post office. Access times to the mailbox may be limited to business hours and closed on Sundays and holidays.

What is a Virtual Mailbox Online?

Driving. Imagine if your physical mail was as easy to manage as your email; that’s what a virtual mailbox can do. A virtual mailbox is a digital mail service that provides your business with easy and worry-free mail. With this service, your company has a physical address where your mail is received and processed. It is then scanned and uploaded to a digital platform where your virtual mailbox is located. It means you have immediate contact with it, no matter where you are. There are a variety of services and amenities that come with virtual mailbox packages. Most of these services include packet promoting, shredding, and storage. They are fully customizable and are generally billed as needed.

Who Benefits From This Virtual Mailbox?

Who Benefits From This Virtual Mailbox

A virtual mailbox is undeniably convenient, but is it right for you?

Anyone can use this service if they can verify their identity and authorize the postman to deliver mail to the chosen address. Individuals and businesses can benefit from a virtual mailing address.

Here are some examples of people who commonly use digital mailbox services:

  • Business Owners
  • Expatriates
  • Elderly Caregivers
  • Digital Nomads
  • Students Living Abroad
  • Remote Workers (Freelancers)
  • Military Personnel
  • International Travelers

Virtual Mailbox Services

The beauty of a virtual or online mailbox is that it can be as complex or as bare as you like. You only pay for the facilities you need. Although packages and services vary depending on your provider, some typical characteristics define a virtual mailbox. These include a physical postal address, a registered agent, and a digital mail platform. Services also include forwarding, handling, and shredding. Let’s look at these in more detail.

Physical mailing address

Although you view your mail on a convenient virtual platform, you get a physical address of the company where you receive mail. You can use this address on business cards, websites, newsletters, you name it! It also allows you to register your business on Google My Business.

If your business is small or primarily remote, a physical address will boost and legitimize your business image. To this end, some business owners choose to use their home address as a postal address or PO box. However, a virtual address is a better option for several reasons.  Most importantly, using your home address creates vast security and privacy issue. With a virtual mailbox, you will receive a physical location to represent your business that is safe, legal, and secure.

Registered Agent

One of the highest benefits of a virtual or online mailbox is providing your business with a Registered Agent. A registered agent is a legally recognized person who is responsible for receiving important and legal mail notifications. They are necessary for most American businesses. A virtual mailbox provides you with this service, usually free of charge. The result is that you can get on with your company and know that you will be notified adequately of essential or urgent documents.

That is another excellent resource for expanding international business. The registered agent meets a legal requirement necessary to establish your business on US soil. To learn about other great ways virtual solutions can help expand your international business, start here.

Online digital mailbox platform

The critical component of a virtual mailbox is its digital mail platform. When your mail is established at your physical address, it is scanned and uploaded to a digital application. That means you can access it online from any device, anywhere in the world. You can view your mail through this platform and choose from many handling options with just one click. Viewing your mail online in real-time provides you with several benefits. First, it allows you to receive mail more quickly. Minimize the slow effects of spam or junk mail. And it gives you many of the same handling options as a traditional mail service (with no additional charges or daily trips).

Shipping and Handling Services

Depending on your mail provider, the cost of forwarding and handling your mail can add up quickly. It can also be time-consuming to add postage or get your mail to an approved location. But a virtual mailbox eliminates those problems by giving you the option to forward your mail from the same place it is received, and the cost is usually minimal. This type of service eliminates those uncomfortable trips to the post office and ensures that any mail you receive is significant.

Most virtual mailboxes also offer complimentary storage services with your packages if you prefer to collect your mail. It means that when you receive important correspondence, you can be notified immediately and know that it is in a professional and safe place for you; pick it up when it’s convenient for you.


There are many benefits to investing in a Virtual Mailbox, especially if you travel frequently or run a business. There are also plans for every budget, including features to make your life easier.

Now that you know how to make getting to the mail easier, it’s time to plan your next destination. Browse our travel section for inspiration.