Marketing Manager Salary In India

How much does a Marketing Manager Earn In India?

Employees as Marketing Director India earn on average 21 lakhs, mainly ranging from 6 lakhs to 48 lakhs based on 168 profiles.

Firstly, The average national salary for a Marketing Manager is ₹ 9.00,000 per year in India. Filter by the city to see Marketing Manager salaries in your area. Similarly, Salary estimates remain based on 2,894 salaries shared anonymously on Glassdoor by Marketing Manager employees.

A Marketing Manager Salary In India can imagine an average starting salary of 2,83,600, and the highest salaries can exceed 20,000,000.

After graduating in the field of marketing, applicants receive decent salaries. Meanwhile, according to PayScale India, the average salary for a marketing manager is around 6.5 Lakes. Many marketers have the opportunity to travel to cities/countries to understand the latest trends in consumer needs and wants.

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Is Marketing Director a Good Job for Girls?

Is Marketing Director a Good Job for Girls?

According to the company (Stereotype Minds), a career in marketing is not suitable for a girl because it remains believed that the amount of exposure, energy, and busy schedule she needs cannot remain handled by a girl.

What are Marketing Managers Doing?

Firstly, A Marketing Manager Salary In India is one within a company that oversees and helps create the various advertising or merchandising sales campaigns that the company uses to market itself and its products. Moreover, marketing Manager Salary In India can remain assigned to a single product, a product line, a brand, or the entire company. The manager typically needs to incorporate a variety of contributions from the creative, advertising, research,  and sales teams.

A marketing manager classically oversees one or more marketing campaigns. The manager can design the entire campaign. However, they will usually see a widespread opportunity and bring in various marketing team members to brainstorm campaign ideas. Typically, a marketing campaign will also require market research to determine the attractiveness of different products to various demographic groups.

However, the organization is one of the critical skills a marketer should have. Even small changes or iterations on existing marketing campaigns can require a lot of coordination and timing precision. Secondly, Marketing Manager Salary In India typically needs to orchestrate this across multiple groups and teams within the company. Most marketers will need a degree in marketing from a university, with management disciplines and postgraduate work favored. Marketers typically work regular hours during the workweek, but they should expect longer days when launching new campaigns.

Which position has the Highest Salary In Marketing?

Which position has the Highest Salary In Marketing?

Eight well-Paying Marketing Jobs To Add To Your Wishlist

  • Director of corporate communications. Average salary: $ 124,054.
  • The Director of Marketing Studies.
  • Director of Email Marketing.
  • Director of digital marketing.
  • Content Marketing Director.
  • Product Marketing Manager.
  • Responsible for generating demand.
  • Brand Marketing Manager.

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