Marketing Management Class 12 Project

Oiling one’s hair is one of the essential things if we want to take care of our hair. Hair must remain given proper treatment, which would mean a massage with some of the most assisted oils. Making sure the right kind of oil for your hair is very significant and oiling your hair. Many of us have a frantic program due to which oiling and washing our hair holds the last significance. If you want strong hair and one which lasts longer- oiling is the best remedy.Marketing Management Class 12 Project on Hair Oil

Indian hair care market remains mainly subject to the hair oil fragment, which constitutes over half of the overall market. Coconut oil contains the main segments of the hair oil market, usage of hair oil is a typical Indian traditional habit. It is perceived to offer benefits o nourishment, hair-strengthening, faster and better growth, and reduced the problem of hair falling. There are two types of hair oil obtainable in the market.

Coconut oil contains 2/3rd of the total market, and the balance includes the non – greasy aromatic oil. Some of the most popular and precious oils used for beautiful long hair with indefinite good abilities are – Jojoba oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Rosemary Herbal oils, etc.

Competitive Hair Oil Brands Marketing Management Class 12 Project


Bajaj Hair oil is the leading brand in the kitty of Bajaj Crop Ltd. And is the essential brand in the light hair oil category. It is one of India’s Exceptional hair oil brands. Today Bajaj oils are among the fastest developing brands in the hair oil classification growing in double digits year on year. It is the second leading hair oil brand in India in terms of importance. It is the primary brand in the light hair oil category and presently has close to 60% market share in the bright hair oil fragment.

Bajaj’s Almond oil has excellent health welfares in terms of healthy skin. Almonds prevent the premature presence of wrinkles and dry skin as well. Today’s youth prefer Bajaj Almonds as it accomplishes the dual benefit of do-good due to almond and vitamin E, Nourishment, and looks good because of its Non- sticky feel.


Dabur – a name, a brand, a method of life for billions of people across the globe. From its retiring beginnings in the bylines of Kolkata way back in 1884, Dabur has begun as a faithful India worldwide with a portfolio of products that have just won the trust of customers in over 60 countries but has become an inseparable part of their daily routine.


A market-leading light in its category and one of them from the past brands, parachute coconut oil today stand for purity and quality. Over the years, the brand has understood a lot of improvements in packaging, sizing, and tamper-proofing. Parachute enjoys enormous loyalty in the urban, semi-urban, and rural markets. Parachute oil remains made from natural components that have stood chosen, especially considering the delicate nature of children’s hair.

Permissions and License’s Required for Hair Oil in Marketing Management Class 12 ProjectMarketing Management Class 12 Project on Hair Oil

Manufacturing hair oil comes under the preview of the drug and cosmetics Act, 1940. Thus, several rules laid down by the act must remain followed for its Manufacturing. For example, hair oil should not include objectionable ingredients listed by the show.

Patent Registration

Patent rights remain given by the government to the employees for having innovative products, and no companies can copy design, technology, etc. If the product remains secured through patents, the company has to pay fees to the registrar on a timely basis until the company wants the patent rights.

Trade Mark

A part of a brand that remains given legal protection is called a trademark. Applying for the trademark is a straightforward procedure, and the company has to give the list of brands names for which it needs trademark only one of the names remains selected out of the list.

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