If a high dividend yield cannot be maintained, it is of little value for a short period. Jubilant NSE: JUBLINGREA Ingrevia’s earnings quickly covered the dividend before this declaration, but free cash flows were negative. We should be cautious about depending on the sustainability of this dividend because cash flow is more significant than earnings.

EPS is anticipated to increase by 97.6% in the following year. The payout ratio will reach 12% by the following year if the dividend stays on this course, which can be sustainable in the future.

Jubilant NSE: JUBLINGREA Ingrevia Is Still Establishing A Reputation.

Jubilant NSE: JUBLINGREA Ingrevia Is Still Establishing A Reputation.

The relatively recent history of dividend payments hasn’t particularly pleased us, but the dividend is expanding nicely, so we might give it a closer look. And also, looking back, the price has been quite consistent, but the corporation hasn’t paid it for very long. This makes it difficult to predict how it would perform throughout the course of an entire economic cycle. The most recent fiscal year payment was 5.00, while the average payment over the previous two years was 0.35 in 2021. This results in a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) throughout that period of time of almost 278% each year.

Dividend Growth Seems Likely

Jubilant NSE:JUBLINGREA Ingrevia’s growth in earnings per share over the previous three years at a rate of 48% annually gives us hope. Investors in the company will be happy to see that they have been getting dividend payments for some time. The company has a lot of flexibility thanks to its low payout ratio, and it may quickly increase the dividend as earnings increase.

In conclusion, while it’s encouraging to see that the dividend hasn’t been reduce, we are a little hesitant about Jubilant NSE: JUBLINGREA Ingrevia’s payouts because there may be difficulties maintaining them in the future. Jubilant NSE: JUBLINGREA Ingrevia is making enough money to pay the bills, but the cash flows are insufficient. We don’t believe this company has the makings of a substantial income stock overall.

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Highlights Of A Jubilant NSE: JUBLINGREA Ingrevia Result

Jubilant NSE: JUBLINGREA Ingrevia Ltd. Announces Q3FY23 Quarterly Results.

  • Overall revenue is 10% lower on a YoY basis, primarily due to the Nutrition & Health Solution Business’s weaker sales performance, while Specialty Chemicals product volumes and Acetic Anhydride sales volumes are still increasing.

Due to higher price realization and volume growth across all product areas, Specialty Chemicals’ revenue increased by 34% YoY.

  • Despite improving our volumes sequentially, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) demand in the Nutrition and Health Solutions division continued to decline due to the flu’s impact, resulting in reduced realization.

Synopsis Of Jubilant NSE: JUBLINGREA Ingrevia’s NSE-Diversified Operations

Synopsis Of Jubilant NSE: JUBLINGREA Ingrevia's NSE-Diversified Operations

Manufacturing of fundamental chemicals is a commercial activity for Jubilant NSE: JUBLINGREA Ingrevia. For the fiscal year that concludes on March 31, 2022, the company’s total operating revenue was Rs. 4860.42 Cr. Its equity capital was Rs. 15.93 Cr. The Public Limited Listed company Jubilant NSE: JUBLINGREA Ingrevia Ltd. was establish on October 23, 2019, and it has its registered office in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. L24299UP2019PLC122657 is the company’s corporate identification number (CIN), and 122657 is its registration number.

Market Cap 6,359
Sales 4,760
Shares in Float 7.80
No of funds 133
Yield 1.24
Book Value 3.24
U/D Vol ratio 0.5
LTDebt / Equity 15
Alpha -0.08
Beta 1.07


A comprehensive provider of life science goods and services is Jubilant NSE: JUBLINGREA Ingrévia Limited. The business provides a wide range of substances with use in numerous industries. Specialty Chemicals, Nutrition and Health Solutions, and Chemicals Intermediates are the company’s three main business segments. Specialty Ingredients, Fine Chemicals, Crop Protection Chemicals, and Custom Development and Manufacturing (CDMO) are the four verticals into which Specialty Chemicals firms are dividing. The Human Nutrition & Health Solutions, Animal Nutrition & Health Solutions, and Nutrition & Health Ingredients sectors comprise the Nutrition & Health Solutions section.

Focused on acetyls and alcohol derivatives, The Chemicals Intermediates covers items like acetic anhydride, ethyl acetate, anhydrous alcohol, acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, and propionic anhydride. The company’s primary customers are in the pharmaceutical, food, agrochemical, consumer, and industrial sectors.