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The term in English – also used in the abbreviated free version – has gained traction recently. A Freelancer performs a type of work without necessarily having a formal relationship with any company.
According to data from the Entrepreneur Portal, in 2018, the number of individual microentrepreneurs ( Meis ) grew by more than 50%. With that, the performance in independent projects also grew.
According to a survey agreed out by Workana, a freelance work platform that operates throughout Latin America, the modality grew 80% in 2018. Of the more than one million listed professionals, 50% are from Brazil.

Freelancer does what?

There are several types of professionals from different areas who choose this work model. One of the largest search platforms in the world is, which has more than 200 thousand Brazilian users.
In a survey released by them in the second quarter of 2018, activities related to the technology market stand out, particularly language programmers. These are the 10 areas with the most demand:
1. ASP – 54.8%
2. React.js (JavaScript library) – 25.4%
3. XML – 23.8%
4. Statistical analysis – 23.3%
5. Academic writing – 23.1%
6. Adobe InDesign – 21.4%
7. Mechanical Engineering – 18.3%
8. Statistics – 18%
9. Laravel – 17.4%
10. Algorithm – 15.1%

How to Hire a Freelancer?

With the Consolidation of Labor Laws, the activity of those with an intermittent employment contract was regulated – that is, the freelancer.
Anyone looking to hire a freelancer should pay attention to a few points:
The professional must have a Work and Social Security Card (CTPS);
The agreement/contract must be a written document, not just an informal conversation. In this way, both sides avoid miscommunication and future problems;
In this contract, it is essential to make clear the value that the professional will receive for the service provided and how he will be contacted (phone, email, etc.);
Those who hire must do it at least three days in advance so that the person who will provide the service can check its availability and plan.

How does a Freelancer get Paid?

Payment is only made later the service has been performed. And you should consider the following points: A receipt must pay the amount with the amount of remuneration. The values of proportional vacations, 13th salary, and weekly rest must be included in the payment.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

1. More flexibility and autonomy

The main attraction of the freelancing life is the flexibility that this type of work provides. In addition to making your hours, as a self-employed person, you can also work in whatever environment you prefer (at home, in cafes, in libraries), with whatever clothes you want, and you can take a vacation when it’s best for you.

2. In some cases you can pay more

In a formal job, regardless of your workload, the pay is the same. As a freelancer, you switch how much you will receive per hour or on-demand, and the more jobs you take, the more money will fall into your account.
Depending on your field of expertise and professional skills, it is possible to considerably increase the value of your working hours by being self-employed.

3. Employment benefits

Another negative point is that, as a self-employed person, you will not have the right to a series of things guaranteed to anyone hired under the CLT regime, such as 13th salary, paid time off, and FGTS.
Once again, the organization is needed here to take a vacation without going through difficulties or not to fear running out of money if you get sick and cannot work for a few days.

4. Lack of stability

On the other hand, the freelancer’s life is marked by much greater financial instability. Just as it is possible to get extra money if the volume of demand is high, it is also very prospective that there will be fewer opportunities in a given period, and the money will be less at the end of the month. To dedicate yourself to a career as a self-employed person, you need to be comfortable with this uncertainty and have an excellent financial organization so that you don’t go through tight squeezes at these times.

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