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Clubhouse plays a vital role in LinkedIn. They are many competitors that are growing. Linkedin has to know to confirm it’s also testing a social audio experience in its AAP, which would allow creators on its network to connect with their community. Unlike the clubhouse rivals built by Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn believes its audio networking feature will remain differentiated because it will be associated with users’ professional identities, not just a social profile.

Linkedin Clubhousepereztechcrunch

Linkedin Clubhousepereztechcrunch

[Linkedin Clubhousepereztechcrunch], The company has already developed a platform for the creator community, which now has access to tools such as Stories, LinkedIn Live video broadcasting, newsletters, and more.

LinkedIn formalized some of its efforts today by launching a new “Creator” mode that allows anyone to set their profile as one that can remain followed for updates, such as Stories and LinkedIn Live videos.

Compared to other efforts by Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, or Discord, all of which have audio-based networking features in various stages of development, LinkedIn’s focus on creators puts it on a competitive footing in terms of expanding its Clubhouse rival. Twitter Spaces, Twitter’s Clubhouse rival, is already in beta testing, but its complete set of creator tools has yet to arrive.

Twitter only announced its plans for a larger creator subscription platform last month, via a new “Super Follow” feature, for example. And it only recently entered the newsletter space through an acquisition. Meanwhile, Facebook has historically provided several creator-focused features but has only recently invested in tools such as newsletters.

LinkedIn TechCrunch

LinkedIn says it created an audio-based networking feature because its members and creatives requested more ways to communicate on its platform.

LinkedIn TechCrunch

“We’re seeing nearly 50% growth in conversations on LinkedIn, reflected in stories, video shares, and posts on the platform,” said Suzi Owens, a LinkedIn spokesperson, when confirming the development of the audio feature. “We’re conducting preliminary tests to develop a different audio experience linked to your professional identity. And we’re investigating how we can incorporate audio into other areas of LinkedIn, such as events and groups, to provide our members with even more opportunities to connect with their community.”

Professional Identities

According to TechCrunch, LinkedIn believes that because the audio experience remains linked to users’ professional identities, they will feel more comfortable speaking, commenting, and engaging with the content. It will also be able to use its existing investment in moderation tools designed for other features, such as LinkedIn Live, to address any concerns about inappropriate or harmful discussions, such as those that have already plagued Clubhouse.

According to LinkedIn, audio networking is a natural extension of other areas, such as Groups and Events networking regions that have continued to grow, particularly during the pandemic.

In 2020, approximately 21 million people attended a LinkedIn event, with overall LinkedIn sessions increasing by 30% year over year. With 4.8 billion connections made, the company’s 740 million global members also built community, had conversations, and shared knowledge last year.

LinkedIn will launch interactive, Clubhouse-style audio events in beta this month; a video version will follow in the spring.

LinkedIn will launch interactive, Clubhouse-style audio events in beta this month

LinkedIn, which now has over 800 million people listing professional profiles to advance their careers, is taking the following steps to encourage them to spend more time on the platform. The company is launching a new events platform to list, host, and market interactive, virtual live events. It will begin with an audio-only product released in beta this month, followed by a video version released in the spring, initially targeting Creators who use LinkedIn as organizers and hosts. With virtual events gaining traction in the last couple of years of pandemic life, the plan, for now, is for LinkedIn’s new events product to be all-virtual, with the format left up to those running the events.

LinkedIn for Creators

LinkedIn’s mission is to help our members be more productive and successful. We believe the finest way to achieve this mission is to enable our members to have better conversations, connections, and community experiences.

LinkedIn for Creators

Linkedin Clubhousepereztechcrunch, Creators can be members, organizations, and companies that regularly share content with their professional community to build their reputation, grow their business and empower and educate others with their experiences. If this sounds like you and you’re interested in learning more about LinkedIn content best practices, we encourage you to use this site as a resource.

LinkedIn Influencer is an invite-only program run by LinkedIn’s editorial team. It targets executives who run large organizations, CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, prominent startups, well-known brands, and recognized industry leaders and experts.

Clubhouse Founders

Clubhouse co-founder Paul Davison is full of energy as he joins Microsoft. Teams call from his home in California. His good humour contrasts with the popularity of his audio-only chat app. The app launched in March 2020 and went semi-viral earlier this year before dramatically falling in Apple’s App Store rankings. It’s been quite 18 months,” Davison told CNBC.

Clubhouse Founders

Initially only available for the iPhone, Clubhouse allows users to find and listen to conversations between people. Users join “rooms” where friends and strangers discuss everything from cryptocurrencies and politics to diets and video games. Hosts can “pass the mic” to others in the room, and listeners can raise their hands to speak.

Silicon Valley types quickly adopted the revenue-free consumer app. Its main backer is the renowned venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, whose co-founder speaks on the platform occasionally.

When is it founded?

It remained founded amid the coronavirus pandemic as people looked for new ways to keep busy, but there’s less hype around the app now than it once was.

“I feel like it’s fading,” venture capitalist Hussein Kanji told CNBC, referring to Clubhouse.

For example, according to data from app analytics company App Annie, its monthly active users in the UK fell from 550,000 in February to 160,000 in September.

LinkedIn confirms it’s working on a Clubhouse rival, too

LinkedIn believes that because the audio experience will remain tied to users’ professional identities, they will feel comfortable speaking, commenting, and engaging with content, the company told TechCrunch. It will also be able to leverage its existing investment in moderation tools built for other features, such as LinkedIn Live, to help address any concerns about inappropriate or harmful discussions like those that have already plagued Clubhouse.

Linkedin Clubhousepereztechcrunch

“Our priority is to build a trusted community where persons feel safe and can be productive,” Owens noted. “Our members come to LinkedIn to have respectful and constructive talks with real people, and we’re focused on providing a safe environment for them to do so,” she said.

Additionally, LinkedIn says audio networking is a natural extension of other areas such as groups and events areas for networking that continue to grow, especially during the pandemic.

In 2020, about 21 million people attended the event on LinkedIn, and overall LinkedIn traffic increased by 30% year-on-year. In addition, the company’s 740 million global members built a community, had conversations, and shared knowledge last year, creating 4.8 billion connections.


[Linkedin Clubhousepereztechcrunch], I hope you found this post helpful. LinkedIn believes the shift will last, as more than half of the global workforce is expected to continue working from home for some time, even after the pandemic ends. We’d love to receive your comments or questions about this article in the comments section below. Thank you for being with us to the end!

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