Who Stays with them, and What do they do?

We often hear about digital strategies or advertising campaigns that connect influencers. YouTubers, Instagrammers or INFLUENCER, are considered essential references in digital culture. The rise of these new celebrities has aroused the interest of the communication and marketing industry worldwide. However, the rapid growth of social networks, and the sea of ​​content deposited on them, has confused the distinction of influencers from the rest of us. These mortals create our networks and get significant numbers of followers.

On that note, we want to bring you closer to what an influencer is and is not. Continue reading.

These are not Influencers who have a lot of Followers!

We must engrave this in our heads: “the number of followers does not make the influencer.” Unique of the most common mistakes we make-believes that the number of followers determines influencers. While it’s true that subscribers can indicate how many people have access to X person’s content, the truth is, they don’t choose the interest or impact it has.

 Who are Social Media Influencers, and what do they do?

This question finds its answer in the specialization. It is necessary to understand that influencers in social networks validate or generate content concerning a specific category or topic and disseminate it on digital platforms, thus developing real interaction and participation with the digital community that follows them. This is why he is an influencer who generates a commitment or a link of his content and his image with his audience in the networks.

P&M produced a podcast with María Robayo, country manager of Asylum Marketing, and Sebastián Jasminoy, CEO of Fluvip. They explain to us how to structure, monitor, and measure influencer marketing campaigns. Plus, we talked about how to avoid influencer “blunders,” listen now!

What Make Sure of it Take to be an Influencer?

To control if you are or can remain an influencer, it is necessary to have certain qualities that legitimize audiences. These bases are:


As we mentioned before, to influence, people have to believe in your content and your image. Reputation remains built on what you show, but it must be accurate. People understand authenticity and honesty as a fundamental asset of any influencer, so don’t pretend or cheat whenever you share content.


Experience is another factor that will help you build your credibility. You are not an authority on something that you do not know. Experience makes perfect, and you can only influence if you do it knowingly. In addition to being immediate, audiences now can react to content, respond to it, create it, and distribute it anywhere in the world. I mean, anyone can judge you.


Most of the people who follow you trust your content. They entrust their interests to you, do not let them down! You are that friend who remains asked for advice on the subject in which you are an authority.


The scope is defined by various factors, starting with the chosen platform. It is crucial to decide well in which space you will deliver the content and the type of audience it remains addressed. It will determine the format and style of content you will share. Although most social networks have chosen to validate various forms such as videos, photos, and texts, each has a different interface and functionality.

After the platform, you will find the number of followers and the impact you have on them. But beware! While the number of followers doesn’t make you an influencer, the truth is, without them, you can’t be either. That’s why depending on the number of people you impact, your reach and audience remain also defined. It will also determine what type of influencer you are.

Types of Influencers:


These mega influencers are those who are considered “famous” and have over a million followers. They are usually models, actors, athletes, or great people in business.


These are in the order of 100,000 to 1 million subscribers.


These are the ones with over 1,000 and under 100,000.

Nano influencers:

This is a new category, proving very attractive for brands to have closer audiences and greater engagement. These are the ones who have less than 1000 followers

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