Google Discovery Ad users

Google is constantly trying to improve the user experience when it comes to using discovery ad features. PPC AgencyDiscovery ads are designed to catch customers’ attention by showing content in different forms. It displays carousels and videos on other apps owned by Google, like YouTube and Gmail. Google has recently introduced a few changes that, if used correctly, will help to improve your discovery ads performance.

As mentioned previously, discovery ads are going to be more engaging. They help companies like yours to reach audiences on other platforms owned by Google like Gmail and Youtube, they reach higher purchase intent audiences. One of the main differences from other ads is that they are not able to display videos or carousels, which might be the key to conversions for some brands.

They are also beneficial in the way that they can adapt to the platform and user. For example, an ad changes its format based on the app it’s showing in. Although creating the Discovery ads might be challenging, there are various ways to get support. One of the best ways is to get in touch with a PPC Agency.

Now that we have established an understanding of the purpose and meaning of Discovery Ads, let’s dive into the 4 new features for discovery ad users.

Better Ad Experiences

Google Ads understands that they are competing with other platforms like Facebook and Instagram Ads. These platforms can offer a different, more engaging ad experience which is much more attractive to the current market. With 5.6billion searches every day, Google is the platform where people come on a daily

basis to look for anything—starting with the “how can I open a can” and ending with “where can I buy a house”. Google Ads are not only available on the Google Search engine but also are available on YouTube and Gmail apps. In order to compete and be more successful as ads. Brands can also add product details like price or a discount. What we like the most about Google Ads is that they are using machine learning and trying to show your ads at the right time for the right customers.

Improved Creative Support

Creative discovery ads have always been quite challenging. Especially for the companies that have less experience when it comes to building any Google Ads. However, this issue has been solved with a new update that provides creative support. It will give an ad example with the expected ratio, which will help better understand how your ad will look on the different platforms.

There will also be some suggestions to provide unique headlines, additional text, etc. Everything you need to think about when creating your best ad. Finally, you will also be able to see your ad’s rating, for example, poor, good, or average. It will suggest whether your ads need to be improved and how well they will perform. This could be a great starting point. However, you still need to have at least basic Google knowledge to be able to implement the suggestions. Understanding the performance of your ads can be difficult too. With the help of a PPC agency, you can ensure your mind is put to ease.

New Audience Insights

Another recent addition to Google Discovery Ads is the ability to analyse and select your target audience. There is an insights page specifically designed to understand different types of insights. In this case, the audience’s insights will allow you to find and better understand your target audience. It will allow you to design a specific creative and messaging strategy for your target audience. It is a crucial component of any successful campaign.

Enhanced Campaign Management

Not every marketer is familiar with the ability to create and upload your customer list to Google Ads. It allows Google Ads to learn about your audience and select the most suitable one for your brand. Audiences can be used across different campaigns and will lead to an improvement in performance. Users will also be able to check campaign optimisation scores and receive suggestions on improving it. It’s all designed to optimise user experience from a marketers perspective, from creatives optimisation to budget update suggestions. It is all there for you to start your Discovery Ads journey.


These changes have already delivered positive results for many businesses. However, only you know what is suitable for your business and customers. There is no right or wrong way to do it. The best way is to test and see what works.