Features of Marketing Management

Marketing Management accomplishes the managerial occupations in the arena of marketing. Marketing Management classifies market prospects and comes out with suitable approaches for exploring those opportunities beneficially.

It has to contrivance marketing program and assess the efficiency of marketing-mix continuously. They have to remove the scarcities observed in the actual carrying out of marketing plans, policies, and techniques. It looks when the marketing system of the initiative.

Management is the method of getting things done organized and efficiently. Marketing management aims at the capable operation of marketing accomplishments.Introduction of Features of Marketing Management

Marketing management smoothens the interchange of ownership of goods and services from the seller to the buyer. Like all other management regions, marketing management comprises the function of planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, and controlling.

Introduction of Features of Marketing Management

In allowing for how the individual selling unit in the marketing system activates, we will explore the interrogation- What is market­ing management? Some readers will be students who anticipate marketing management, others previously are marketing manag­ers, and immobile others may be in correlated accomplishments that bear on mar­keting management in either an administrative or a capacity.

Our main impartial is to develop a “theory” of managerial marketing around which they can establish their reading and capability to arrive at a better appreciation of it.

This understanding can assist two objectives. First, it will help them achieve new insights from the experiences they will be acquir­ing on the job in the future. Indeed, they will develop from experience some such configuration to serve this essential need anyway so that they can proceed from new understanding and knowledge. However, to attain such a structure from experience alone is a slow and often indefinite process. Formal education can help them rapidly this up, so they grow in marketing ability much faster.

Second, understanding marketing management will document a better grasp of the role of marketing in trade and industry development, which many countries are so sincerely seeking. This structure is beliefs-free and can be practical in any environment. The marketing management study indicates a better estimate of marketing activity in terms of its routine in meeting the consumer’s needs.

Definition of Features of Marketing Management

Usually, markets stood looked at as a place to exchange goods and services between sellers and also buyers for the communal benefit of both. Today, marketing is an exchange of beliefs between the seller and the buyer. Value suggests worth related to the goods and services’ existence exchanged. The buyer will be ready to repay the goods if they have some significance on his behalf.

Marketing is the occupational function that controls the market’s level and conformation of demand. It deals with producing and maintaining the demand for goods and services of the organization.

Marketing management is “planning, organizing, monitoring and also implementing marketing programs, policies, line of attack and tactics deliberate to create and satisfy the demand for the firms’ product assistances or services to generate an acceptable profit.”Features of Marketing Management

The Main Features of Marketing Management

Managerial Process

Marketing management is a managerial progression involving planning, organizing, decision making, predicting, directing, coordinating, and also controlling. Stanley Vance describes management as the process of decision-making and controlling. Every phase of marketing, starting with recognizing the consumer’s needs and also wants, determining the under fire habitué, product planning, development, pricing, promotion, distribution process, requires planning, decision making, bringing together, and also controlling.


All marketing accomplishments are consumer-centric. The customers are the king. Marketing activities remain built on “make what the market wants.” The principal impartiality of marketing is creating new customers and maintaining current customers. Moreover, Marketing management carries out the task of converting the potential customers into an actual customers.

Research Analysis

The primary function of marketing is to document consumers’ needs and wants. And also this necessitates continuous and systematic assemblage of data, analysis, and also data reporting applicable to marketing activities. It helps the supervision understand the consumer’s needs, wants, partialities. And also behavior towards the firm’s promotion mix strategies, and also helps in projecting and planning the future course of action.

Planning and Development

Marketing implicates the planning and development of goods and services. Establishments continuously endeavor to plan, progress, and also innovate products and also services to meet the consumers’ changing demands, tastes, and also partialities.

Building Marketing Framework

Marketing activities are not just selling and circulating ownership of goods. And also services from the producer to the crucial consumer. But it contains a series of activities like research analysis, production, development, innovation, advertisement, promotion pricing decision, selling. And distribution, customer relationship, and also after-sales service.

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