Evangelist Marketing – The role of the dealer has become much more multifaceted given the cacophony of social networks, the proliferation of mobile devices, and changing viewing habits.

To cope with this, technology evangelism must evolve beyond its current definition. A technology revivalist is a person who builds support for a particular technology and then establishes it as the industry standard.

Regardless of whether a company appoints a single chief evangelist or fulfills the role with functional equivalents from an entire marketing team, there are five core tasks that the role encompasses:

Evangelist Marketing –

1. Create a Transparent Story

The chief evangelist must be able to create stories that inspire passion. And that is why transparency is essential. A notable early chief evangelist in the tech industry was Guy Kawasaki, who may have coined the term himself while at Apple.

Kawasaki described his role at Apple as “protecting and sustaining the Macintosh cult by doing everything I had to do.” He shook the image of the company and its fans at a time when it was seriously stalling. One of his supreme achievements was the success of EvangeList, a mailing list that was a call to all Apple fans around the world to come together to support and vigorously defend their products and brand image. It was unheard of in marketing at the time, and it represented a complete change in the way companies dealt with PR and message.

Guy took the ideas of transparency and open information and gave them back to fans, becoming customer evangelists themselves. And we all know how hard they protect the company when it is criticized. Business and creation marketing has traditionally been about one-way messaging. But to perform well in new stations, it has to go both ways. An honest, transparent conversation about your own business enables authentic customer relationships.

It records their problems and successes and, in turn, can go them into evangelists with the message that comes from the floor itself. It’s not a one-time conversation. It’s a lifelong relationship because stories change over time.

2. Create a Natural, Inspiring Story

An Evangelist must have the charism to inspire.

Robert Scoble is another instance of an early evangelist. Scoble was known at Microsoft for his frank discussions about the technology industry. He was respected because he was consistently honest, even when it came to the weaknesses of his own company.

Scoble recently moved to a position at Rackspace (he calls himself a “StartupLiason Officer”). He talks to innovative companies and shares his insights with him, both publicly and internally, with his company. His thought led him and the connection with Rackspace that accelerates the company into the minds of customers. But this is also seen internally as an inspiration. Here, too, the open exchange of this information is critical.

A message has to stimulate to get employees and customers to act. Kawasaki stood up for the masses and listened to what the fans said; Scoble inspired and informed from the inside out so that the Rackspace staff are part of the bigger picture.

3. Constantly adapt

A review report published by Forrester in July shows that 97% of CMOs believe marketing needs to do things it has not ever done before to be successful. Two-thirds find it very difficult with the changes. Keep up.

Marketers no longer have a limited number of channels or devices to target. They constantly need new skills to cope with the propagation of intelligent devices and channels through which people connect (mobile apps and web, social networks, etc.). The communication of the brand message requires various adjustments depending on the medium. And that will continue to change.

The marketing must-haves are also constantly changing: the awareness of the brand’s perception in the market, the knowledge of the technology behind the product and its differentiation, and the relationships with customers.

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