Convert Your PDF Files Safely and Smoothly with PDFBear

In the corporate world, we all have to work with Excel files from time to time. Excel is the platform we use to tabular, analyze and present information. You can create your system of data that you can update on a monthly, quarterly, or even daily basis. It is also used in creating comprehensible charts and presenting information to the decision-makers of your company. With all the work we put into making our spreadsheets, we would all agree that our Excel documents need to be handled properly.

There will be times where we need to share our Excel files to our workmates and even our bosses. We want to make sure that all files are readable and presentable. The last thing we want is a messy Excel file. So why not convert Excel files into PDFs with the help of PDFBear.

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Make Your Excel Files Compact

Excel and other files can become inaccessible or appear different when opened with old operating systems and other software factors. These are the risks of sending files to others. To secure your files from the horrendous incident of being disorganized, you have to convert your Excel to PDF. There are many ways you can convert your file to PDF, but the most reliable way to secure your file is through PDFBear.  With only a few clicks and you will have your work secured. Visit PDFBear now, and you will see these simple steps:

Convert XSL to PDF With PDFBear

  1. Upload the Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet file that you would like to convert.
  2. Choose the options available.
  3. Click “Convert!” and wait for it to analyze and change the file to PDF.
  4. The converted PDF file can be downloaded to your computer for your use.

After conversion, you either download your work to your computer or device.  Or you can get a link that you can attach to your email that end users can click on it to download your file. PDFBear gives you options for users to share their work easily, but it has a lot more online tools for its users.

Perks of Using PDFBear

1.    User-Friendly PDF Tools

If you have files that you want to convert to PDF, PDFBear’s got the complete set of tools that you will need. You don’t also have to worry whether you have an excel file in its older format or the latest one. If you have Excel files in the format of XLSL, PDFBear is also equipped to convert this file type. XLSL is the updated format for Excel files and is only readable by 2007 and above versions of Microsoft Excel. From converting to PDF, organizing, editing, optimizing, and securing your PDF files, PDFBear makes all the steps easy and swift, giving you one less thing to worry about. Besides this, PDFBear shares knowledge about PDF in its blog, where it can share tips on how to handle PDF files like a pro. The PDF format has a lot of advantages that most would not know about, that’s why PDFBear wants you to be ahead of the game when it comes to PDF.

2.    Quality Output and Security

Many websites would provide their services to convert your files, however, from our experience they usually would frustrate you more along the way. If you want to make sure that your files are converted to quality output and protected from hacking and viruses, a reliable PDF website like PDFBear is what you need to use.

PDFBear is backed up by software professionals who know the nooks and crannies of PDF. They make sure that all PDF tools will produce high-quality output. PDFBear also has a strict privacy policy to ensure that all its user’s information and files are in safe hands.

3.    Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Advantage

Nowadays companies and transactions are getting more and more paperless. Sooner or later all hard copy files will have to be converted into soft copies. This shift to paperless transactions not only saves the environment but also ensures that all documents are preserved via their digital copies. If you have hard copies of forms, and other files in your work and you know it’s high time for you to secure an electronic copy, PDFBear can help you skip the manual labor of retyping it over. With the use of OCR, PDFBear can scan hard copy images and convert them to a PDF. You won’t stress how to save time as you transition from hard copy to reliable, soft copy files in PDF format.

4.    Cloud-Based Technology

Besides the security, PDFBear also provides its users to save their work in their PDFBear account. In the cases where you need to immediately save your work, or find make sure you have a backup file ready while converting your files, PDFBear members can save their work in their account, and have it accessible anywhere. Members can do large file conversions and have unlimited tasks per day. And have customer support to assist with issues concerning their PDF tasks. These perks are in the bag, for a monthly membership of $11.99 or an annual membership of $111.9. If you want to try the PDFBear experience before plunging membership, a 14-day trial is available for you to know what’s in store for a PDFBear member.

In Conclusion

Working with a lot of files at work is indeed tedious and requires time and effort. Delivering them in the most competent and secure way is something that we should always consider. Or else we will just be flushing our time, energy down the toilet. So if you have an Excel spreadsheet that you need to send to several individuals, remember to convert it first to a PDF format. To make sure that your file will be free from viruses and be converted just right, use PDFBear. Be it your Excel, Word, PPT, JPG, HTML file, give yourself the peace of mind that files are in professional hands, with PDFBear!