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The Indian Premier League is unique among the world’s most prestigious tournaments. Cricket is a belief in India. That is why Sportskeeda, in collaboration with 5 Minutes to Kick Off, has created a one-of-a-kind cricket fantasy game that will test all of your selection skills.

Available at Fantasy.Sportskeeda.Com

This brand new game, available at fantasy.sportskeeda.com, has all the features you could want in a fantasy cricket competition. Two game freaks created it from Mumbai, Karan Khairajani and Mohit Lala, who are absolute sports freaks.

Available at Fantasy.Sportskeeda.Com


You must select a 15-man team with 7 batsmen, 6 bowlers, and two wicketkeepers. Every player has a different value, and you have a budget of 120 million to choose your squad.

The total number of players on a single team: The best part about this game is that, unlike other fantasy games, there is no cap on the number of players you can select from a single country or franchise.


You are entitled to one free transfer per day. Each subsequent transfer, however, will cost you 20 points.


In WWW Sportskeeda Com Cricket, As you might expect, there are public and private leagues by score points and rise or fall in the global public company. You can also form your partnership and invite your friends to compete to see who comes out on top.

War of the Cities:

When you create your team, you will remain asked which team you will root for in this year’s IPL. You will then stay added to a league that includes all members who support that team. In addition, all points earned in that league will remain added to that team’s total in the ‘War of the Cities’ company.

Captain Fantastic:

You can appoint a player to captain your team. When the match is over, the points he earns remain doubled.

Power Play:

In WWW Sportskeeda Com Cricket, It is the game’s most distinctive feature. Throughout the tournament, you will receive 5 power plays. When you activate it for any day, your points for that day remain doubled. It is best to use this feature on days when there are two matches or when most of your team’s players are in action.


All positions, including batters, bowlers, and wicketkeepers, use the same points system. Points can remain scored in the following ways:

  • 1 point for each run
  • 20 points for each wicket
  • 5 points for each catch/run-out/stump
  • Man of the Match receives 20 points.
  • 10 points for a maiden victory

Press Conference:

You can use the press conference to share your thoughts on the upcoming games or who you believe will win the competition.


The game’s most appealing feature is the deadline for changing and reshuffling your team. Yes, as the name implies, it is 5 minutes. You read that correctly, only 5 minutes until kickoff – you can make as many changes to your team as you want until the start of the day’s first match.


The one-of-a-kind platform also allows you to send and receive rival requests /from one another. Add other players to your rival list to track what they’re up to and how well they score.

In reality, you get:

Finally, In WWW Sportskeeda Com Cricket, most importantly, there are fantastic prizes to be won. At the end of the tournament, the overall fantasy league winner receives a Nokia Lumia 520, while the runner-up gets a Micromax Funbook Tablet. In addition, as a consolation prize, three HP 16 GB pen drives are available!

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