Remotasks is a platform that allows you to create data for and directly influence the next generation of AI models while earning in your spare time. The AI overlords still need some human guidance to get smarter. Remotasks pay you to guide 3 main types of tasks:

Data Generation: Creating original content, like responses to questions or prompts.

Evaluation: Choosing the best response from a list or pair of options.

Rewriting: Editing and improving a prompt response.

How Much Can You Make on Remotasks?

A Full Guide to Remotasks

Remotask workers can expect to earn an average of $15-18 an hour, depending on their skills, speed, and availability. However, there aren’t always tasks to work on, so earning a consistent income from the site can be difficult.

Remotasks multiply that $18/hr figure by a hypothetical 40-hour workweek to claim you can earn up to $720 weekly. While technically possible, it may not be realistic.

Still, it is a viable online side hustle, and the company has paid over $15M to taskers.

In addition, the hourly rates are better than those on other micro-tasking sites like Mechanical Turk.

7 Things Remotaskers Need Before Doing Tasks

As such, if you’re interested in becoming a Remotasker, our team is always on the lookout for members who possess certain traits, qualities, and requirements:

A computer and internet connection

It’s no surprise that Remotaskers need to have a computer and a decent internet connection to work on their tasks. Unlike other home-based work, Remotasks has an actual platform where we can do our tasks.

However, we need a stable internet connection and a computer (possibly a laptop!) to work on these tasks. Other complex tasks also need faster internet and better computers, but they also come with higher pay.

A PayPal account

As an international earnings platform, we must ensure we can pay our Remotaskers anywhere around the globe. To do that, Remotasks requires our Taskers to have a working PayPal account. It’s currently our only way of paying Remotaskers.

A professional mindset

Remotasks requires our Remotaskers to have a professional mindset outside our technical requirements. We might work from home but also deal with customers and clients. As such, we want our output to be of quality.

Our Reviewers are always there to give tips and objectively evaluate our tasks. In turn, it’s our responsibility to accept feedback professionally and use this input to improve what we do. Remember, we also give bonus payments to some tasks for Remotaskers who perform exceptionally well!

A flexible and adaptable skill

We don’t require super technical skills for our Remotaskers, especially since we have training materials for all our tasks. However, we use various platforms to disseminate messages and announcements, and we highly encourage Remotaskers to explore these platforms as soon as they are onboarded with the team.

We’re constantly improving our systems, so we appreciate Remotaskers who can quickly adapt to these changes and even those who can suggest how to make our systems more efficient.

A desire to learn new things

Like other professional work, working with Remotasks requires studying and learning how to do specific tasks. Thankfully, we have a fully-equipped Help Center and Training Center to teach you everything you need. We also have a boot camp where you can learn with other Remotaskers, courtesy of an actual Remotasks teacher.

You can start working on tasks after learning how to do our current projects. However, these instructions can change depending on our clients’ needs, so we need Remotaskers who are always willing to learn new things.

A passion for making friends and new connections

Over 10,000 Remotaskers work on the Remotasks platform, and you’ll probably be working with some of them.

While we don’t require Remotaskers to chat with other Taskers constantly in our chat groups, we highly encourage you to interact with fellow Taskers. That way, we can help instill a sense of community, even if we work far apart.

A knack for privacy

Most importantly, we need Remotaskers who value privacy—primarily because we also work with customers and clients on their projects. We help them create better consumer technologies, but they’re still perfecting these products with us. As such, we don’t allow Remotaskers to share information about Remotasks and its projects with anyone.


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