Nse: Prestige Estate Projects Ltd – One of the largest real estate development firms in South India, nse: prestige Estate Projects Ltd. has over 20 years of expertise. Basically, the business has completed 142 construction jobs. Also, they have built a diverse portfolio of real estate development projects focusing on residential, commercial, hospitality, and retail (including shopping malls) projects in the real estate industry. However, the firm now has 33 active projects, including ten residential, 16 commercial, four hotel, and three retail developments. However, residential projects include apartments, villas, plot developments, and integrated townships. And also commercial projects include corporate office buildings, built-to-suit facilities, technology parks and campuses.

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ISIN INE811K01011
Industry Real Estate Development
Headquarters Bangalore
Sector Finance
Employees 9.044K
Founded 1997

Property development, building, and leasing are all activities carried out by Prestige Estates Projects Ltd. However, residential, retail, commercial/office, property management, and hotel are the segments through which it operates. On June 4, 1997, Irfan and Rezwan Razack formed the business, which has its headquarters in Bangalore, India.



The company nse: prestige Estates Projects Ltd. was established in 1997. 448.25 is the share price as of right now. And also, its market capitalization as of today is Rs. 17970.63 Cr. However, the firm recorded gross sales of Rs. 45592 crore and A total income of Rs. 48708 crore for the most recent quarter. And also, Manoj Krishna JV, Neelam Chhibber, Noor Ahmed Jaffer, Pongal Ranganath Nayak, Biji George Koshy, Jagdeesh Reddy, Uzma Irfan, Noaman Razack, Rezwan Razack, Irfan Razack, Irfan Razack are among the members of the company’s management.

However, prestige Falcon Tower, No. 19, Brunton Road, Bengaluru, 560025, Karnataka, is where it has its registered office. It is listed on the NSE with the NSE Symbol PRESTIGE, the BSE with the BSE Code 533274, and also the ISIN with the ISIN number INE811K01011. K FIN Technologies Ltd. And also, one of their Registrars (Karvy Fintech Pvt Ltd.) And also, its auditors are SR Batliboi & Associates, Deloitte Haskins & Sells, and also SR Batliboi & Associates LLP.

Future Projection [“Forecast”] Share price targets for Prestige Estates (PRESTIGE) for [“tomorrow, weekly, monthly”]

However, projects at Prestige Estates Limited Forecast of Movement for Tomorrow Future forecast and share price goals – Prestige Future, weekly, and monthly stock price projections for Prestige Estates Projects Limited from the NSE munafasutra.com

Prestige Estates Projects Ltd trades on the NSE under the symbol PRESTIGE.

These nse: prestige Estates Projects Limited (PRESTIGE) movement forecasts are only valid for tomorrow’s session.And also, the stock may rise upward if the Munafa value is close to or equal to 100. But, if this figure is close to or approaching 10, the store may see a decline.

And also, if the Munafa number is close to 50, the stock may move sideways.

Prestige Estates Projects Ltd PRESTIGE stock price targets are 426.7 on the downside and 446.1 on the upside.

Tomorrow Target 1 422.53
Tomorrow Target 2 430.87
Tomorrow Target 3 441.93333333333
Tomorrow Target 4 450.27
Tomorrow Target 5 461.33

Daily price and charts and targets Prestige Estates

And also, Daily Price and Volume

Date Closing Open Range Volume
Tue April 18 2023 439.20 (-2%) 447.00 433.60 – 453.00 0.8806 times
Mon April 17 2023 448.15 (-0.11%) 448.85 441.35 – 450.80 0.5457 times
Thu April 13 2023 448.65 (0.17%) 450.00 445.05 – 453.00 0.4211 times
Wed April 12 2023 447.90 (-2.83%) 464.45 445.00 – 464.45 0.9519 times
Tue April 11 2023 460.95 (3.41%) 449.75 444.20 – 473.20 3.8467 times
Mon April 10 2023 445.75 (6.27%) 424.95 419.90 – 449.00 1.7424 times
Thu April 06 2023 419.45 (1.21%) 414.40 411.00 – 423.35 0.7554 times
Wed April 05 2023 414.45 (0.58%) 411.50 409.05 – 420.00 0.3617 times
Mon April 03 2023 412.05 (2.19%) 415.00 407.55 – 418.00 0.2312 times
Fri. March 31 2023 403.20 (0.65%) 404.70 400.15 – 410.75 0.2633 times
Wed March 29 2023 400.60 (0.29%) 400.00 396.95 – 409.50 0.2221 times


Nse: Prestige Estates Projects Ltd, dealing in the real estate industry. During the quarter ended December 2018, it recorded revenue of Rs. 1299.8 crores and a net profit of Rs. 138.2 crores and in addition, the company’s management team Neelam Chheber (Chairwoman and Managing Director), Irfan Razak, Rizwan Razak, Jagdish K Reddy, BG Koshi, Noor Ahmad Jaffer, Pingal Ranganath Naik, Nauman Razak, Uzma Irfan, Manoj Contains Krishna JV. , and others—however, the market value of Rs.17567.76 crore.