Merge Your PDF Files in an Instant With PDFBear

Thinking of merging your PDF files into one but do not know where to do that? You are in the right place because we will walk you through a 5-quick-and-easy-step guide where you can merge PDF files in an instant. It’s free to use and very efficient!

The best place to merge your PDF files is PDFBear that offers a wide range of PDF tools and services like file conversion, repair, optimization, organization, e-signing, security, and PDF viewing and editing. Visit the site yourself and merge your PDF files with us.  Continue reading!

1. Upload Your Excel File to The Server

Upon landing on the PDFBear website, you will be welcomed with an array of PDF-related tools and services. Scroll through and click the merge PDF tool to be redirected to its tool page for us to begin the PDF merging process. And once you are on the Merge PDF tool page, we can now start with our first step.

The first step is to upload your PDF file to the website’s server. At the center of the tool page, you will find a Select Files button. Click the button for your file’s library to appear. From there, go to your PDF file’s location and select the files you intend to merge. Then click Open. The PDF files will be loaded to the server instantly.

For desktop or  users who are accessing the site, a second method to upload your files easily is to simply select the PDF files to merge, drag them using your mouse, and then drop them to the workspace area of the tool page. The same thing, the files will be uploaded immediately. Nonetheless, both methods are quick and easy to apply which makes uploading PDF files in PDFBear so much convenient.

Also, you can only upload and merge two PDF files at a time if you are only accessing the website for free. If you want to merge more than 2 files, you will have to avail and subscribe to PDFBear’s membership plan for their pro tools and features, and in this case, the file batch processing. PDFBear also offers a 14-day trial for users who wish to test them out. If you are interested, do not hesitate to give it a try as it might be very helpful for you. The membership plan is very affordable for both students and workers with a price of $5.99 monthly. With the free trial period, there is nothing to lose anyway, so go check it out!

2. Select Which Merge Option to Apply

After the PDF files are uploaded to the server, you will be asked to select which merge option you wish to apply to your files before you can proceed to customize your PDF files or pages.

In Merge Option 1 or Merge Files, PDFBear will allow you to arrange and combine the entire PDF files only any way you like. This option is free to use.

Merge Option 2 or Merge Pages is only available to users who are in PDFBear’s membership plan and have access to their pro tools and features. Here, users can select, arrange, and combine not only the PDF files but also their pages.

When you have chosen what option you opt for, click the Choose Options button and the website will send you to the next section according to your desired merge option. And for additional information, on the left side of the workspace, you can see the details of the PDF files you have uploaded such as the number of PDF files uploaded, the combined file size, and the combined number of pages.

3. Modify Your PDF Files

In this next section of the merging process. You can work with PDFBear’s tools to get the merged PDF file you want. Here, you can modify how you want your files to be merged according to the Merge Option you selected previously. As you modify, you will see a preview of the output at the center of the workspace reflecting the modifications you made.

If you are using the File Mode, you will see the PDF files uploaded that will be merged. You can change the order of the files, and also remove or delete a file. You can also zoom in to the file and view its file details. And to add more file/s, click the Add More button and your file library will once again appear to help you upload the PDF. Note that if you are not in PDFBear’s membership plan, you can only merge 2 files at a time.

To modify the pages of your PDF files and customize how you want to merge them. There is a pro feature called Page Mode. There you can choose which specific page to merge or remove.

You will also find an Options section that provides handy tools as you make modifications such as view, select, delete, and even print.

Once you are satisfied with the modifications you made and have decided on how your PDF files should be merged. Click the Merge PDF button. The site will immediately begin merging your files according to the options and modifications you made.

4. Wait For The Merging Process to Complete

In this step, it is the site that will do all the work! After settling with how you want your files to be merger, PDFBear will proceed to convert and merge your PDF files. The waiting time for the process to complete would usually only take a few seconds to a minute, majorly depending on the file size of the files combined. If you are in a rush, do not worry because PDFBear works super fast while also ensuring that your merged PDF is in its best quality. Indeed a five-star service!

5. Download The Merged PDF Files

Now your PDF files are merge into one and ready for download. Click the Download button to save your PDF to your device.

PDFBear’s free file-sharing features allow users to copy the site’s generated link, which they can send to their recipients so that they can download the PDF file through the site as well, and send the file via email too.

An extra tip, you can rename the PDF file before downloading or sharing it if you are PDFBear’s membership plan.

More Options

In the last section of the page, there are also other tools presenting. If you wish to continue working with your merged PDF file. You can either convert PDF to Word, Edit PDF, Rotate PDF, Split PDF, Compress PDF, and others.


In just 5 quick and easy steps, your PDF files are merge and available for download and sharing. How amazingly convenient is that? All this you can experience with PDFBear!

PDFBear is also safe and secure to use because all files uploaded are protecting by the site’s high-level security. Your files will also be deleted permanently after an hour unless you want to save them to your PDFBear account (for membership users).

For more PDF-related issues that need to be address, PDFBear surely has a tool for that!