5 things you should know about Fractional CMOs

Our Fractional Chief Marketing Officers work for your company on an outsourced, on-call basis. Fractional is just a fancy word for part-time. Hiring a fractional CMO can help you with your company’s growth, sales development, customer acquisition, and more.

By hiring an outsourced Chief Marketing Officer your company gets an experienced marketing executive, without hiring a full-time employee. This not only saves your company money but also creates a valuable level of flexibility.

How a Digital Marketing CMO Can Help

How a Digital Marketing CMO Can Help

Digital Marketing Authority and ComboApp.com can provide you with fractional CMO services tailored to your needs. In just a few steps, we can begin the process of bringing in more leads, more sales, and more profit.

First Step, a Consultation

One of our qualified staff will set a time, at your convenience, to learn about your company, its marketing challenges, and the direction you want to grow.

Second Step, You’ll Be Matched with a CMO

Once we understand your situation and needs, we’ll assign one or more of our fractional CMOs to work for you. We’ll base our selection on your industry and company culture.

Third Step, Work Statement

We’ll work with you to develop a customized work statement designed to achieve your desired outcome, within a set timeframe and cost.

Fourth Step, Getting Started

Your company’s fractional CMO can get started within days. They’ll work month to month, and there is no long-term commitment.

Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing is the fastest-moving marketing strategy today, as well as a very important part of an overall marketing strategy. Without digital marketing, a large swathe of potential buyers won’t know about what your company has to offer. Great digital marketing turns good sales into great sales

Every business, including yours, needs to have robust marketing leadership. Unfortunately, this rarely happens, especially when it comes to small and medium-sized companies. With so much happening on a day-to-day level, it’s easy to forget about keeping up with a marketing plan. Unfortunately, that can lead to a serious dip in sales.

But, your company doesn’t need to fall into that trap. If your marketing, is on the back burner, a fractional CMO can help, without disrupting your day-to-day operations.

Outsourced CMOs have the expertise and experience to get your digital marketing on track. Typically, they’ll work remotely, as a part-time member of your company’s team. They can also help with strategic projects and coaching other team members.

Why Your Current Marketing Doesn’t Work

Your current marketing strategy was planned with the best of intentions. Unfortunately, sometimes that strategy doesn’t work. Sadly, many of the businesses that need guidance the most don’t even realize that there is a problem.

Part of the problem is that smaller companies don’t know how to track their digital marketing metrics. Even worse, if they do see a problem, they don’t know what to do about it. They simply can’t quickly adopt a new strategy. Sometimes, that’s because of an entrenched bureaucracy within the company. Or, company leadership thinks they need to stick with the original plan. Sadly, these attitudes can quickly leave a business in the dust, conceding the field to its competitors. Luckily, that scenario is easily prevented.

Why You Need Direction for Your Marketing

Many smaller companies lack direction when it comes to their marketing. New marketing concepts and gimmicks abound, each promising a sure-fire way to profit. However, without direction and an overall marketing plan, these will ultimately prove to be ineffective.

A smart fractional CMO can help your business create and implement a powerful and realistic digital marketing plan. Outsourced, part-time CMOs work with your company’s strengths and the needs of your customers. They can craft a marketing strategy that will yield serious dividends over the long term.

Also, a good CMO bolsters company morale and helps the team to adopt the new digital marketing strategies. They will also interface with company leadership to ensure that the new marketing initiatives receive support. Also, fractional CMOs know when it’s time to let a campaign play out, and when it’s time to change things up. Simply put, your entire company can benefit immensely from just one part-time employee.

Fractional CMOs are Cost-Effective

Most smaller businesses simply don’t have the capital to hire a full-time chief marketing officer. Making a full-time commitment to an executive-level employee does not come cheap.

A fractional CMO is a cost-effective way to update and super-charge your digital marketing strategy. Your company will get the direction it needs, from a highly experienced professional. You’ll have the peace of mind that you’re bringing in a team member with proven expertise and knowledge. If they don’t work out, you haven’t made an expensive commitment.

What Does a Fractional CMO Do?

A fractional CMO can fulfill a variety of needs for your company. It all depends on your marketing budget and what you need.

Part-time, CMO

Your outsourced CMO works remotely part-time, to plan a market-based strategy, manage the implementation of the plan, and drive sales.

CMO Coaching Services

If you’re on a budget, we can assign an experienced CMO to coach your company’s current marketing team. They’ll inspire your team with new ideas and new directions to super-charge your marketing efforts. A fractional CMO can also advise your company’s leadership.

Marketing Audits

We can also provide you with an objective opinion about your current marketing strategies. For a very reasonable cost, a marketing audit provides you with not only clarity but also actionable insights.

Full-time CMO

If your current marketing executive is on leave, an experienced CMO can fill in full-time until they return. Or, if your company needs a full-time professional to lead your marketing efforts, we can do that too.

Strategic Support

For those times when your company launches a big marketing effort, a fractional CMO can drive the effort, ensuring it delivers results on time.

Digital Marketing Strategy

We can deliver an analysis of your digital marketing competitors, comparing your company’s performance data with that of your competitors. That knowledge can then be used to formulate an effective digital marketing strategy for your business.

A Fractional CMO Can Drive Your Business Forward

Most company’s struggling to find the marketing strategy either buy keyword clicks, or they hire a full-time employee that may not work out.

Now, your company can benefit from years of digital marketing know-how, at a reasonable price. When you hire a fractional CMO, there is no long-term commitment. If it doesn’t work out, you are free to simply move on. However, we are sure you’ll be pleased with the service and your results.

Digital marketing is an investment your company can’t do without. In fact, a fractional CMO can help you to quickly achieve your marketing goals, driving profit and growth.

How Does Hiring a Fractional CMO Compare to Other Marketing Options?

Hiring a Chief Marketing Officer Hiring an Advertising Agency Engaging a Marketing Consulting Firm Digital Marketing CMO
Salary plus Benefits yes


yes yes
On Demand Services Maybe yes yes yes
Campaign Oriented Sometimes yes
Insightful Input Maybe yes yes
Digital Marketing Experience Sometimes Sometimes yes