3 Fast and Easy Steps to Delete PDF  Pages For Free

Many PDF users and readers do not know that they can actually customize and delete their PDF files’ pages. PDF files are known to be documents that cannot be modified, but with a handy PDF tool it can be done.

Customize and delete pages of your PDF with GogoPDF. It is a website that provides PDF tools and services such as file organization, delete pages from PDF, conversion, repair, optimization, e-signing, security, and PDF viewing and editing, which includes removing single or even multiple pages. It is free and very user-friendly. You can access it with any device and internet browser.

Visit the site and try it out. You can delete and only keep the pages you need with no hassle! Stick with us as we walk you through a 3-step guide to achieve that!

1.    Upload your PDF file to the server

Upon landing on GogoPDF’s homepage, you will see an array of PDF tools and services. Go to the Delete PDF pages to be directed to its tool page for us to begin and delete pages from PDF.

In the Delete PDF Pages tool page, there is a workspace located at the center of the page where all processes will be done. The first step is to upload the PDF file you intend to work with to the site’s server. By clicking the Select A File button, a window of your device’s file library will open. From there, go to your PDF’s file location, select it, then click Open. Your PDF file will be loaded immediately to the server.

If you are using your desktop or laptop in accessing the site, another method to upload your PDF file is to click and select it from its file location, then drag and drop it to the workspace with your mouse. The file will be uploaded right after as well.

Note that file batch processing cannot be done with this tool. If you need to delete pages of multiple PDF files, you will have to upload and work on them one at a time. Nonetheless, with GogoPDF’s fast and convenient services, going through it wouldn’t be too much work!

Once the file is uploaded, it will be automatically analyzed and processed. It will only take a few seconds to wait for the page to bring you to the next step.

2. Select the Pages to Delete

Once the PDF file is uploaded to the server, it will be analyzed and processed. There is no waiting time even because, in just a blink, you will be in the next step. You will be sent to the next section of the tool page, where you can be hands-on in modifying your PDF file.

In this section, you will be presented with a preview of all the pages of your PDF file. To delete a particular page, simply bring your mouse to the page to see a trash bin button that will appear at the top of the page. Delete the page by clicking the trash bin button. Know that there is no Undo option for this so double check your file.

Along with the trash bin button, there is also a Zoom In button for you to have a closer look at the page, and an Information button to see the details of the file such as its page number, the author, the software creator of the file, and its creation and modification dates.

More options in the workspace are available in the Options tab. You can adjust the view, or navigate the select and delete options, go to specific pages, and even print the PDF.

If you are done and satisfied with the modifications, you can proceed by clicking the Apply Changes button at the right corner of the workspace. GogoPDF will work on your file and delete the pages according to the modifications you made. The waiting time would take a few seconds to a minute, mostly depending on the file size, the number of changes to apply, and your internet connection speed. Sit back and relax; your new PDF file will be ready in no time!

3. Download or Share the New PDF File

After applying the changes and pages have been deleted in the PDF, GogoDF will bring you the last section where you can save and share the newly modified PDF.

To save the file to your device, click the Download button. Your file will be instantly downloaded and saved by your browser. Not only saving is made easy with GogoPDF because their file-sharing features are top-notch as well!

GogoPDF always generates a shareable link for you to easily and conveniently send and share the file to many recipients, making your file-sharing work so much better and quicker! Click the Copy Link for the link to be copied to your device’s clipboard, and then paste and send through your messaging applications. You can also directly send the link via email. Just click the email button right beside and then enter the email addresses.

And if you wish to rename the PDF file before downloading or sharing it, there is a rename pro feature that will be available soon. To work with another PDF, you can click the Start Over button to be sent back to the first section.

And we are all done! You can tell that the site works fast while also ensuring that the quality isn’t compromised, still giving out the best quality! Indeed, GogoPDF has the best tools and services when it comes to PDF-related issues and needs.


Now you know where to come back to whenever you have to deal with anything PDF-related. For sure, GogoPDF has something for that! Feel free to check out more of their tools and services, and you will get the same best experience. We assure you on that one.

Also, GogoPDF has a Customer Data Privacy Policy which makes sure that the files uploaded are safe and protected. They will be automatically deleted from their servers after an hour.

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