Sbpdcl – Major turning points for Bihar’s electricity industry include reorganizing the former Bihar State Electricity Board into five functionally autonomous state-owned firms: BSPHCL, SBPDCL, NBPDCL, BSPTCL, and BSPGCL. The change will enhance the price structure, boost financial gains, and lure high-quality investment for new businesses.

Following Section 14 of the Electricity Act 2003, South Bihar Power Distribution Company Ltd. has just been hired as a distribution licensee. They provide services to more than 50 lac clients. All of our clients will receive power from us at fair prices, as is our goal.

Does South Bihar Power Distribution Company Ltd. Have A Public Or Private Ownership Structure?

Does South Bihar Power Distribution Company Ltd.

A public sector undertaking is the name given to the government-owned South Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited.

Informative Facts Regarding South Bihar Power Distribution Company Ltd.

The largest power distributor in the state is South Bihar Power Distribution Company Ltd. They offer the residents of Patna and nearby communities like PESU, Vrindavan, Behala, Golghar, etc., an uninterrupted 24-hour power supply.

South Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited guarantees to replace damaged transformers in rural regions within 72 hours and in urban areas within 24 hours, thanks to a committed staff of electricians.

How Can I Online Check Sbpdcl Bill?

  • Visit the South Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited website.
  • In the menu, select the Quick Bill Payment option.
  • Your customer ID number will be entered on the Quick Bill Payment page once it has opened.
  • To get an online estimate of your SBPDCL power bill, click submit.

How Should The Sbpdcl Bill Be Calculated Using Used Units?

The following methods make it simple to compute the SBPDCL bill depending on utilized units:

You may also figure out the entire cost of the bill by multiplying the number of units utilised overall by the rate per unit your operator recommends.

  • You may also use the electricity bill calculator to estimate how many invoices you will create.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions For Paying SBPDCL Bills Online Using Freecharge
  • Go to the Billing Section after logging in with Freecharge.
  • Choose your electricity supplier by choosing the electricity option.
  • By entering your consumer ID or account information, click proceed.
  • You’ll see the payment page open.
  • Pay your SBPDCL bill using the payment method of your choice.

How Can I Get A Copy Of My Power Bill?

How Can I Get A Copy Of My Power Bill?

  • So this is how I download my power bill online while saving time:
  • Just download the BESCOM app or visit the BESCOM website.
  • The ‘Track Online’ area will be visible.
  • ‘View Bill’ is the link under this heading.
  • Now use the “User Id and Password” to log in if you haven’t already on the portal or the app.
  • The bill information will show up on your screen, including the account id, account name, bill number, bill date, deposit amount, current charges, adjustment, total bill amount, and due date.
  • The option to pay the payment online is also available here, or you can download the PDF version of the bill.

How To Download A Receipt For An Electrical Bill

By selecting the ‘Check Last Transaction Status’ option, you may get the receipt for the power bill. Type in your account ID and the verification text on your screen, then click proceed. You will see the complete transaction history on your screen. The receipt for the electricity bill is also there.

I hope my response to your question about downloading an electrical bill has been helpful. You’ll need to visit the local power board’s internet portal to learn more and obtain the bill.

List Of Payment Options For Paying Sbpdcl Bills On Freecharge.

You have several alternatives with Freecharge for paying your power bill. The choices consist of

  • UPI transfers
  • Debit cards for net banking
  • Bank cards
  • and more financial transactional methods

Advantages Of Paying Your Sbpdcl Bill Online With Freecharge

Stop trying to pay your power payment to South Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited. With Freecharge, a brand-new digital payment option that makes paying bills quick and easy, you may pay your SBPDCL bill with simplicity. So whether at home, at work, or even on the road, you can pay your South Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited bill online from anywhere.

We provide our clients with a selection of safe and effective payment options. In addition, our cutting-edge 128-bit encryption system adds an extra degree of protection.

You may effortlessly share your real-time metre readings with South Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited for simple invoicing.

Additionally, when you use Freecharge to pay your first SBPDCL online bill, your information will be safely kept. Therefore, the next time you want to pay your SBPDCL power bill, you won’t have to enter it.

How Can I Update My Mobile Number On My Electric Bill?

How Can I Update My Mobile Number On My Electric Bill?

Every time your cellphone number changes, you must get the paperwork, such as an electricity bill, updated with the new information. Maybe you wished to move to a new operator, your sim was damaged, or your phone was stolen. Many individuals put off updating their cellphone numbers out of concern for drawn-out and laborious procedures.

However, this is not the case. It’s crucial to update your cellphone number on your power invoices. Foreseeable challenges with performing basic things like going onto the site of your power board to view or pay past electricity bills. If there are any updates from the board, you also cease getting them.

You Have The Option Of Changing Your Cellphone Number Offline Or Online. The Detailed Steps Are As Follows:

You might need to update your cellphone number at various times. However, if you don’t change your cellphone number on the records, it might lead to problems for you.

Your entire info is safe and secure. No one will ever be given access to the credit card details used to process the transaction. Online bill payment for SBPDCL energy has never been so straightforward and convenient.

The simplest way to pay your SBPDCL bill online is through Freecharge. When completing your payment, you only need to provide the information for your South Bihar Power Distribution Company Ltd. account.

Your South Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited power bill will be shown in real time. You may make any necessary adjustments and choose the SMS/Email alert settings to get notifications reminding you when your bills are due. It will prevent additional fees.

How Can I Online Locate My Sbpdcl Bill Account Id Or Consumer Number For Bill Payment?

  • Use the Freecharge website or app to pay your power bills.
  • Choose an operator for the State and Electricity Board.
  • Choose the District or type it in manually.
  • Choose the option to view a sample bill.
  • Your consumer number can be found in the sample bill, but if you can’t remember it, you can phone the SBPDCL customer service line directly at (1912) to receive continuous assistance.

Is Registration On Free Charge Required To Pay SBPDCL Bills?

Is Registration On Free Charge Required To Pay SBPDCL Bills?

You must register or log in to Free Charge to use the cashback feature and pay an SBPDCL bill.

Visit the official SBPDCL website and click on “Know Your Bill.” Then, enter your account details, your Customer Id, and the month you need to get a bill. When you click “Download,” your SBPDCL bill will be downloaded.

How Can I View My History Of Sbpdcl Bill Payments?

Log in to the SBPDCL website to view your payment history for bills. You must have your SBPDCL service or customer number for a successful login. Then, enter the required data and the captcha code.

How Can I File A Complaint With The South Bihar Power Distribution Board Over A Faulty Metre?

Contact the appropriate South Bihar Power Company Distribution office to make a complaint over a broken energy meter. On the contact us page of the SBPDCL website, you can quickly find the address and other contact details.

Complete the complaint form following the guidelines and send it. The client will receive an acknowledgment after the complaint has been submitted and registered.

How Can I Download My Receipt For Paying My SBPDCL Bill?

You may get the SBPDCL bill payment receipt following a successful payment, regardless of whether you used the SBPDCL official website or Freecharge. You will instantly be transferred to the receipt page after you have completed the payment. From that website, you may quickly obtain the bill receipt.

Online Electricity Bill Update Mobile Number

Online Electricity Bill Update Mobile Number

Visit the electricity board office to change the cellphone number on your power bill. For many boards, the procedure could be different. You can contact the authorities, express your worries, and request their assistance.

You might be required to submit specific paperwork, such as your most recent bill, IDs, etc., and fill out an application. Before going to the board office, it is preferable to attempt to update the cell phone number on the power bill online since this can be a little less hassle than online.


Including the cell phone number in official documents, such as your power bill, is crucial. It lets you sign into the official portals to check your billing history, pay bills, get phone updates, etc. Then, depending on your desired approach, you may do it online or offline.