How to Get a Kerala Lockdown Curfew E Pass Online Self Declaration via

Inter-State: The site will be down most of the time due to high traffic. Please check back later when traffic is lighter. If you need to leave your house during the lockdown, you must have an e-pass issued by the Kerala Police. The pass can remain obtained through the Kerala Police Pol App.

Who should apply for an E-Pass?

In addition, epasses should be carried by daily wage workers, domestic workers, emergency travelers, hospital patients, and those attending funerals and weddings.

How do labourers obtain an E-Pass?

Workers on a daily wage and domestic workers should apply for e-passes independently or through their employers. Likewise, The application should remain sent to the appropriate Station House Officers.

Who can travel without an E-Ticket?

Similarly, those employed in essential service sectors may travel with their official identification cards.

When will the e-pass be available?

Although, the e-pass system will be operational beginning Saturday evening.

How to Obtain a Kerala Emergency Travel Pass Take precautions. Online Registration Form for Kerala Gov In

How do I apply for a travel pass through the Kerala Besafe Portal?

How do I apply for a travel pass through the Kerala Besafe Portal?

  • Go to and fill out the Kerala Police emergency travel pass registration form.
  • Select “Inter-District Travel Pass — Portal by Kerala Police for Submitting Requests for Inter-District Travel Pass.”
  • Fill out the registration method with your name and the name of your co-passenger.
  • Include your phone number, address, travel date and time, and vehicle information.
  • Enter the driver’s name and contact information.
  • Choose a reason for your trip and upload documents.
  • Choose a district and a police station.
  • After entering all the necessary information for the Kerala travel pass, click the submit button.
  • Your Kerala Gov In Inter-District Travel Pass application will be submitted.

Eligibility Conditions —

The following reasons qualify for a Kerala inter-district pass at pass safe. keralagovin —

  • Personal or family medical emergency
  • The presence of a funeral for a family member who has died
  • Reuniting with family after being separated due to a lockdown
  • Reuniting stranded family members as a result of the lockdown
  • Returning to Work/Duty
  • Students stranded on their way home
  • Marriage (own or close relative)

How to Locate the Citizen ePass Application

Moreover, if you have already applied for a citizen or visitor ePass and are awaiting approval, the steps to check your status are as follows.

  1. To access the portal, go to
  2. From the Citizen tab, select the Track Application option.
  3. A page will open where you must enter the mobile number you provided when applying for the pass.
  4. Next, you must select the type of pass you applied.
  5. Enter the captcha code.
  6. Click the Verify button.

Documents Required for E PASS Registration

  • Voter Identification Card or
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Ration Book or
  • Passport COVID 19 Signs and Symptoms

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