What would I do if I am unable to access my Jobs4TN account?

Your Jobs4TN account helps as your employment dashboard, allowing you to manage your unemployment benefits, find new job opportunities, and resume your job search. Access is key. But, before panic strikes, let’s review the best steps for recovering your account.

It will allow you to retrieve your username and set a new password. Be sure to select “Individual,” and after the page refreshes, click the Next button

The system will now request additional information about your account. First, fill out forms with your personal information, such as your name, date of birth, social security number’s last four digits, and zip code.

What would I do if I am unable to access my Jobs4TN account?

When you stay finished, click the Next button, and you’ll be on your way to regaining access!

Although, If you have information that remains found in the system, you will stay prompted to enter a new password. Your username will remain shown on-screen

Jobs4TN will earnings you to our contact form if your information does not match.

Jobs4TN.Gov’s’s database provides easy access to the most significant number of unduplicated online job opportunities currently available in one location. In addition to accepting direct job orders from Tennessee employers, the system constantly searches the websites of local newspapers, recruiters, hospitals, and government agencies to pull in all of the best jobs. Jobs marked with a star are direct job orders posted by Tennessee employers on

Job Search Automation

Similarly, Individuals can save a job search and run it regularly to find new job postings that match the search criteria. But, The results are sent to the job seeker’s message box, an email address, or even their cell phone as a text message.

Real-Time Data

Stay in the know with real-time data containing current job postings from employers throughout Tennessee and wage information for various industries. Learn who is hiring, what drives are in demand, and projections for rising sectors at to make more informed career decisions.

Similarly, Our Industry-Leading Résumé Builder. Although, Résumé Builder guides individuals through the process of creating a résumé, gathering essential background information. And organizing skills, employment history, education, and other important information. Individuals can make multiple resumes and submit them to prospective employers online. They can also import their previous resumes. But, Various electronic formats and use this data to perform targeted job searches.

Mobile Devices? You Bet!

Although, The mobile app includes the capability for users to search for jobs via keyword and by location. In addition, job seekers may filter results by occupation and further expand a job listing to review position details, apply to the job, map its location and even share their job search activity via email, Twitter, or Facebook.


JOBS4TN.GOV, Discover a job, post a résumé, set up a virtual recruiter, and get hired. Jobs4TN also lets employers post jobs and view résumés of potential. But, File for unemployment. But, Complete weekly certifications; Search Tennessee’s jobs database; View the latest Labor Market Information.

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