As the calendar flips to a new year, horror enthusiasts have plenty of reasons to be excited. The year 2023 promises to be a spine-tingling one for fans of the genre, with a slew of new and highly anticipated Horror Movies Coming Out in 2023 set to hit the big screen. Let’s look at some of the most exciting horror films slated for release this year, from supernatural scares to psychological thrillers.

1. “The Haunting on Hollow Hill”

The Haunting on Hollow Hill

Kicking off our list is “The Haunting on Hollow Hill,” a chilling supernatural tale directed by a rising star in the horror genre. The movie is set in a secluded countryside mansion plagued by an evil force. As a family moves in, they quickly realize that the house holds dark secrets¬†and a haunting history. With its eerie atmosphere and a well-crafted storyline, this film is poised to send shivers down your spine.

2. “Nightmare Revisited”

Nightmare Revisited

For those who crave a psychological rollercoaster, “Nightmare Revisited” promises to deliver. This mind-bending thriller revolves around a group of friends trapped in a never-ending nightmare, unable to distinguish between reality and their darkest fears. With its intricate plot and psychological twists, this film will leave audiences questioning their perceptions.

3. “The Cursed Chronicles”

The Cursed Chronicles

“The Cursed Chronicles” takes us deep into the heart of a cursed village where ancient folklore and malevolent spirits collide. When a group of paranormal investigators arrive to uncover the truth, they awaken forces beyond their control. With its rich mythology and spine-chilling visuals, this film is a must-see for those who relish tales of the supernatural.

4. “Psychosis: The Awakening”

A cult classic franchise returns triumphantly with “Psychosis: The Awakening.” In this installment, a new generation is haunted by the sins of their forebears as they grapple with an evil entity that feeds on fear. With callbacks to the original series and fresh scares, this film is a treat for longtime fans and newcomers alike.

5. “The Mirror’s Curse”

“The Mirror’s Curse” invites us to peer into the darkest recesses of our reflections. When a mysterious antique mirror comes into the possession of an unsuspecting family, it reveals a sinister presence that preys on their deepest insecurities. This supernatural thriller promises to make you question every reflection you encounter.

6. “The Shadows Within Horror Movies Coming Out in 2023”

Closing out our list is “The Shadows Within,” a haunting exploration of grief and the supernatural. When a grieving mother stumbles upon a mysterious ritual, she unwittingly opens a doorway to the other side. The film delves into the consequences of tampering with the unknown and the horrifying entities in wait.


Horror Movies Coming Out in 2023 enthusiasts have an exciting year ahead, with diverse scares and stories to look forward to. Whether you’re drawn to supernatural entities, psychological thrills, or spine-chilling mysteries, 2023’s horror lineup promises to deliver.

So, buckle up, prepare to be scare, and prepare for a year of unforgettable cinematic horror experiences. As the lights dim and the credits roll, remember that the true magic of horror lies in its ability to make your heart race and your imagination run wild. Enjoy the ride!

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