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Good Will Hunting remains a 1997 American psychological drama directed through Gus Van Sant and starring Robin Williams, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Stellan Skarsgård, and Minnie Driver. Written through Affleck and Damon, the film follows Will Hunting (Damon), the 20-year-old South Boston janitor, an unsung genius who becomes the patient under a deferred prosecution deal after assaulting a police officer of a therapist and continues his studies. Mathematics with a renowned teacher. Through his therapy sessions, Will reassesses his relationships with his best friend, girlfriend, and himself, facing the critical task of confronting his past and thinking about his future.

Details of Good Will Hunting Full Movie Free 123movies

Director: Gus Van Sant


Ben Affleck

Matt Damon

Producer:   Lawrence Bender


  • Robin Williams
  • Matt Damon
  • Ben Affleck
  • Stellan Skarsgård
  • Minnie Driver

Cinematography:    Jean-Yves Escoffier

Editor:  Pietro Scalia

Music:  Danny Elfman

Production company:    

Be Gentlemen

Distributed:       Miramax Films

Release date      :

December 2, 1997 (Bruin Theater)

December 5, 1997 (United States)

Running time:   126 minutes

Country:              United States

Language:           English

Budget:                $10 million

Box office:          $225.9 million

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More About Good Will Hunting Full Movie Free 123movies


Will Hunting, 20, from South Boston, is a self-taught genius. He works as a janitor at MIT and drinks with his friends Chuckie, Billy, and Morgan. When Professor Gerald Lambeau posts a complex combinatorial math problem on a chalkboard as a challenge for his graduate students, Will solves the problem anonymously, stunning both the students and Lambeau. In defiance of the unknown genius, Lambeau displays an even more difficult situation.

Will runs away when Lambeau finds him writing the solution on the board late at night. But, In a bar, Will meets Skylar, a Briton about to graduate from Harvard University, who is considering attending Stanford Medical School.

Story Lines

But, The next day, Will and his friends fight a gang that bullied Will as a child. Although, Will remains arrested after assaulting a cop who responds. But,  Lambeau attends his court appearance and watches Will defend himself. Also, He manages to avoid prison if he agrees to study mathematics under Lambeau’s supervision and participate in psychotherapy sessions.

Will tentatively accepts but treats his therapists with derision. Desperate, Lambeau visits Dr. Sean Maguire, his college roommate, who teaches psychology at Bunker Hill Community College. Unlike other therapists, Sean challenges Will’s defense mechanisms.

During the first session, Will insults Sean’s late wife, and Sean threatens him, but after a few unproductive sessions, Will finally begins to open up.


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