10.10 0.1 Piso Wifi – 10.10 0.1 is used by router brands like Xfinity Comcast LPB Piso WiFi as the default IP address for admin settings. Login at http:// 10.10 0.1/. By going to 10.10 0.1, you can manage the router’s wireless settings, such as changing the WiFi password network name (SSID) and creating a guest network.

How do I log into 10.10 0.1?

How do I log into 10.10 0.1?


  • To enter the Admin Panel using 10.10 0.1, follow these steps:
  • Open a browser and type http:// 10.10 0.1 or in the address bar.
  • A login page will appear, asking you to enter your username and password.
  • Click Login, and you will join your router’s admin panel.

Problem with 10.10 0.1

With 10.10 0.1, you may experience some problems when trying to access the Admin Panel. These problems may include:

10.10 0.1 takes too long to respond

Try logging in with a different IP –,,

Try logging in with a different IP –,,

If you are still experiencing this problem, there may be a problem with the cable or router hardware. The standard fix for this problem is to look for a loose connection and reboot your router.

Incorrect IP address

Ensure you type the IP address correctly, which is often misinterpreted as 10.10 0.1, an invalid URL. The correct IP is If you order 10.10 0.1, the browser will only take you to the Google search results page or the default search engine you specified. Adding https:// to the beginning of the URL will make it invalid.

The gateway device is unresponsive.

This error occurs due to a technical error. You should reboot your router and see if the problem persists.

Incorrect client address assignment

It occurs on wireless networks when an IP Address is automatically assigned to a client because your device’s IP Address may be above 10.10 0.1.

Can’t access 10.10 0.1?

If you are having trouble accessing 10.10 0.1, the cause may be:

Your router or device’s default gateway address other than 10.10 0.1 causes the browser to be unable to find the Admin Panel at 10.10 0.1. Find the correct gateway address and try again.

You did not type the correct IP address in the browser URL bar. Sometimes, users type www. 10.10 0.1.com, add https:// at the beginning, and error “0” (zero) for “O” or 10.10 0.1, which is an invalid address because the gateway IP address contains four decimal digits, which is represented in dot-decimal notation. It consists of five values that are causing you difficulty in accessing the Admin Panel.

Restarting your WiFi network and router is the most common fix. Wait at least a few minutes before reconnecting to your network.

Make sure you can browse other websites, and if there is a network outage from your ISP during peak hours, you may experience the problem.

Your browser stores cache and cookies locally on your device. Try deleting them all.

Your browser stores cache and cookies locally on your device. Try deleting them all.

You can reset your gateway to factory default settings if a configuration error occurred in the previous session. To reset your router configuration to default settings, unplug your router and press the small “reset” button on the back for about 10 seconds. Once the lights on the front of the router start flashing, the modem has been successfully reset.

Factory reset should be your last resort if all previous methods do not work as it is not the same as “restart,” as it will restore all your manual settings such as SSID (network name), password, guest network, and MAC filtering.

Any device connected to WiFi (laptop, phone, TV) will be disconnected during this process. If you use Xfinity Voice, you cannot make or receive any calls, including emergency calls, until the gateway is back online.

Advanced Wireless Gateway Settings

By default, the security settings for your Wireless Gateway are WPA/WPA2 – which is the best WPA security currently as previous versions are vulnerable, meaning attackers can access your internet remotely. But you can configure it according to your needs from Wireless Settings.

You can also set a firewall, parental control (to block access to certain websites), IP & MAC binding, bandwidth control, port forwarding, or port triggering when you want to add games to your home network.

It is recommended to enable automatic firmware updates to keep your router secure. Still, if that option is unavailable, you can manually download and install the software from the manufacturer’s website every two to three months.


10.10 0.1 is the default IP address. The IP address always contains 4 numbers ranging between 0 and 255. This is because each device connected to the internet is supposed to have a unique address. So, the first three sets are the network ID, and the last is the device ID. In 10.10 0.1, the network id is 10. and the device ID is .0.1