What did you say is 0123movies.com?

The 0123movies.com website allows companies to watch movies online free of charge. It may seem to be a legitimate and useful website, however, developers use it to help other dubious sites, software, various services, and so on. A reminder that the site causes redirects to extra untrustworthy websites.

Also, these redirects occur on virtually each mouse click. To escape the resultant installation of unwanted apps and computer infections. We mention that you avoid 0123movies.com and some associated services.

0123movies.com causes Redirects

0123movies.com redirects to untrustworthy sites that promote potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) such as adware, browser hijackers, and other malicious software/unwanted apps. When these apps are installed, they hijack browsers (change settings), force users to visit questionable websites, display intrusive advertisements, collect user-system information, and so on.

0123movies.com causes Redirects

Although, Installing them on your system can result in computer infections, browsing security, privacy issues, or even identity theft. Furthermore, 0123movies.com redirects users to technical support scam websites that display bogus virus errors and other alerts/notifications.

Web pages to make money

Scammers use these web pages to make money by tricking people into purchasing unnecessary, questionable software or using their paid services. Furthermore, 0123movies.com redirects to dubious lottery websites that are frequently used for phishing: tricking people into providing personal information that could be used against them used to generate income

None of the pages that 0123movies.com opens can be trusted. Trusting them may result in the download and installation of unwanted applications, which may cause additional problems. Avoid 0123movies.com and other similar websites to avoid computer infections and other problems.


Although, It is important to note that, according to security researchers,123movies.com may be associated with browser hijackers. And thus some unwanted apps may set this website as the default browser search engine, homepage, and new tab URL. If your browser has already been hijacked in this manner, a PUA has almost certainly been installed on your system.

Although, Scan your computer with legitimate antivirus software to remove any potential malware infections. Combo Cleaner remained recommended by our security researchers.

To use the full-featured product, you must purchase a Combo Cleaner licence. There is a 7-day free trial available. Rcs Lt, the parent business of PCRisk.com, owns and operates Combo Cleaner. more info

There are numerous rogue websites that are ostensibly useful (for example, allowing users to watch movies for free), but they usually promote numerous dubious sites (by causing unwanted redirects). If you notice any unwanted downloads or installations, we recommend that you remove these programs/apps as soon as possible.

0123movies.com Website Technical Analysis: is the server’s IP address.

Subdomains observed: cdn.0123movies.com; img.123movies.com; www.0123movies.com; www0.0123movies.com; www1.123movies.com; www2.123movies.com; www3.123movies.com; www4.123movies.com; www5.123movies.com; www6.0123movies.com; www7.0123movies.com; www8.123movies.

How did adware install on My Computer?

Similarly, PUAs remain typically installed by clicking on intrusive, pop-up advertisements displayed on questionable websites, or by software developers bundling them into the download/installation setups of other software. Some advertisements run scripts that download and install unwanted applications. This is common on questionable websites.

PUAs remain frequently downloaded and installed unintentionally alongside regular software – developers dupe people by using the deceptive marketing technique “bundling.” As a result, they conceal information about the inclusion of PUAs in configurations by hiding it in “Custom,” “Advanced,” and other similar settings.


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